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Table of Contents

Invited Talk 1: Scott C. Douglas (Southern Methodist University)

[IT-1]   Blind Source Separation and Independent Component Analysis: A Crossroads of Tools and Ideas  (Abst) (PDF) (PS)
    Scott C. Douglas,   pp.1-10

Lecture 1A: Theory and Fundamentals

[L1A-1]   Blind Separation of Positive Sources using Non-Negative PCA  (Abst) (PDF)
    Erkki Oja, Mark Plumbley,   pp.11-16
[L1A-2]   Fast Algorithm for Estimating Mutual Information, Entropies and Score Functions  (Abst) (PDF)
    Dinh-Tuan Pham,   pp.17-22
[L1A-3]   Identifiability and Separability of Linear ICA Models Revisited  (Abst) (PDF)
    Jan Eriksson, Visa Koivunen,   pp.23-27
[L1A-4]   Independent Component Analysis of Largely Underdetermined Mixtures  (Abst) (PDF)
    Lieven De Lathauwer, Bart De Moor, Joos Vandewalle, Jean-Francois Cardoso,   pp.29-33
[L1A-5]   An Orthogonal Matrix Optimization by Dual Cayley Parametrization Technique  (Abst) (PDF)
    Isao Yamada, Takato Ezaki,   pp.35-40
[L1A-6]   A General Framework for Component Estimation  (Abst) (PDF)
    Jason Allan Palmer, Kenneth Kreutz-Delgado,   pp.41-46

Lecture 1B: Biomedical Applications

[L1B-1]   Complex Spectral-Domain Independent Component Analysis of Electroencephalographic Data  (Abst) (PDF)
    Jörn Anemüller, Terrence J. Sejnowski, Scott Makeig,   pp.47-52
[L1B-2]   Independent Component Analysis of Electrogastrogram Data  (Abst) (PDF)
    Masashi Ohata, Takahiro Matsuomoto, Akio Shigematsu, Kiyotoshi Matsuoka,   pp.53-58
[L1B-3]   ICA Applied to Atrial Fibrillation Analysis  (Abst) (PDF)
    José Joaquín Rieta, Francisco Castells, César Sánchez, Jorge Igual,   pp.59-64
[L1B-4]   Modification of ICA for Extracting Blood Vessel-Related Component in Nuclear Medicine: Contrast Function and Nonnegative Constraints  (Abst) (PDF)
    Mika Naganawa, Yuichi Kimura, Ayumu Matani,   pp.65-70
[L1B-5]   Recovery of Constituent Spectra in 3D Chemical Shift Imaging using Non-Negative Matrix Factorization  (Abst) (PDF)
    Paul Sajda, Shuyan Du, Truman Brown, Lucas Parra, Radka Stoyanova,   pp.71-76
[L1B-6]   Blind Separation in Low Frequencies using Wavelet Analysis, Application to Artificial Vision  (Abst) (PDF)
    Danielle Nuzillard, Sorin Curila, Mircea Curila,   pp.77-82

Poster 1A: Theory 1 (Instantaneous Models and Noise)

[P1A-01]   Hierarchical Models of Variance Sources  (Abst) (PDF)
    Harri Valpola, Markus Harva, Juha Karhunen,   pp.83-88
[P1A-02]   Sparse Component Analysis for Blind Source Separation with Less Sensors than Sources  (Abst) (PDF)
    Yuanqing Li, Andrzej Cichocki, Shun-ichi Amari,   pp.89-94
[P1A-03]   Considering Temporal Structures in Independent Component Analysis  (Abst) (PDF)
    Andreas Jung, Andreas Kaiser,   pp.95-100
[P1A-04]   Factor Rotation and ICA  (Abst) (PDF)
    Yutaka Kano, Yusuke Miyamoto, Shohei Shimizu,   pp.101-105
[P1A-05]   Variational Bayesian Mixture of Independent Component Analysers for Finding Self-Similar Areas in Images  (Abst) (PDF) (PS)
    Rizwan Ahmed Choudrey, Stephen Roberts,   pp.107-112

[P1A-06]   Faster Training in Nonlinear ICA using MISEP  (Abst) (PDF)
    Luis B. Almeida,   pp.113-118
[P1A-07]   Bounded Approximation for Score Function Selection  (Abst) (PDF) (PS)
    Vincent Vigneron, Christian Jutten,   pp.119-124
[P1A-08]   Measuring Sparseness of Noisy Signals  (Abst) (PDF) (PS)
    Juha Karvanen, Andrzej Cichocki,   pp.125-130
[P1A-09]   Inversion Techniques for Underdetermined BSS in an Arbitrary Number of Dimensions  (Abst) (PDF)
    Luis Vielva, Yago Pereiro, Deniz Erdogmus, Jose C. Principe,   pp.131-136
[P1A-10]   On the Uniqueness of the Minimum of the Information-Theoretic Cost Function for the Separation of Mixtures of Nearly Gaussian Signals  (Abst) (PDF)
    Riccardo Boscolo, Vwani P. Roychowdhury,   pp.137-141
[P1A-11]   Non-Gaussian Source-Filter and Independent Components Generalizations of Spectral Flatness Measure  (Abst) (PDF)
    Shlomo Dubnov,   pp.143-148
[P1A-12]   Analysing ICA Components by Injecting Noise  (Abst) (PDF)
    Stefan Harmeling, Frank Meinecke, Klaus-Robert Mueller,   pp.149-154
[P1A-13]   MLP-Based Source Separation for MLP-Like Nonlinear Mixtures  (Abst) (PDF)
    Ruben Martin-Clemente, Susana Hornillo-Mellado, Jose I. Acha, Fernando Rojas, Carlos Puntonet,   pp.155-160
[P1A-14]   Geometric ICA using Nonlinear Correlation and MDS  (Abst) (PDF)
    Samer Abdallah, Mark Plumbley,   pp.161-166

Poster 1B: Applications 1 (Biomedical and Image)

[P1B-01]   Blind Source Separation of Water Artefacts in NMR Spectra using a Matrix Pencil  (Abst) (PDF)
    Kurt Stadlthanner, Ana Maria Tomé, Fabian Joachim Theis, Wolfgang Gronwald, Hans-Robert Kalbitzer, Elmar Wolfgang Lang,   pp.167-172

[P1B-02]   Independent Component Analysis with Joint Speedup and Supervisory Concept Injection: Applications to Brain fMRI Map Distillation  (Abst) (PDF)
    Yasuo Matsuyama, Ryo Kawamura, Naoto Katsumata,   pp.173-178
[P1B-03]   Removing Artifacts from Atrial Epicardial Signals during Atrial Fibrillation  (Abst) (PDF)
    Jian-Hung Liu, Tsair Kao,   pp.179-183
[P1B-04]   Blind Identification of SEF Dynamics from MEG Data by using Decorrelation Method of ICA  (Abst) (PDF)
    Kuniharu Kishida, Kenji Kato, Kazuhiro Shinosaki, Satoshi Ukai,   pp.185-190
[P1B-05]   Independent Component Analysis as Preprocessing Tool for Decomposition of Surface Electrode-Array Electromyogram  (Abst) (PDF)
    Gonzalo A. García, Ryouichi Nishitani, Ryuhei Okuno, Kenzo Akazawa,   pp.191-196
[P1B-06]   Classification of Single Trial EEG Signals by a Combined Principal + Independent Component Analysis and Probabilistic Neural Network Approach  (Abst) (PDF)
    Tetsuya Hoya, Gen Hori, Hovagim Bakardjian, Tomoaki Nishimura, Taiji Suzuki, Yoichi Miyawaki, Arao Funase, Jianting Cao,   pp.197-202
[P1B-07]   Independent Component Analysis in Spectral Images  (Abst) (PDF)
    Vladimir Botchko, Elena Berina, Zhanna Korotkaya, Jussi Parkkinen, Timo Jaaskelainen,   pp.203-207
[P1B-08]   A Method for Digital Image Watermarking using ICA  (Abst) (PDF)
    Minfen Shen, Xinjung Zhang, Lisha Sun, Patch J. Beadle, Francis H. Y. Chan,   pp.209-214
[P1B-09]   A Digital Watermarking Scheme Based on ICA Detection  (Abst) (PDF)
    Ju Liu, Xingang Zhang, Jiande Sun, Miguel Angel Lagunas,   pp.215-220
[P1B-10]   ICA Aided Linear Spectral Mixture Analysis of Agricultural Remote Sensing Images  (Abst) (PDF)
    Naoko Kosaka, Yukio Kosugi,   pp.221-226
[P1B-11]   Blind Separation of Reflections using Sparse ICA  (Abst) (PDF)
    Alexander M. Bronstein, Michael M. Bronstein, Michael Zibulevsky, Yehoshua Y. Zeevi,   pp.227-232
[P1B-12]   Probability as Metadata: Event Detection in Music using ICA as a Conditional Density Model  (Abst) (PDF)
    Samer Abdallah, Mark Plumbley,   pp.233-238
[P1B-13]   Cell Recognition Based on PCA and Bayesian Classification  (Abst) (PDF)
    Saeid Sanei, Tracey Mei Kah Lee,   pp.239-243

Special Invited Session 1A: Nonlinear ICA and BSS

[SIS1A-1, Invited Paper]   Advances in Nonlinear Blind Source Separation  (Abst) (PDF) (PS)
    Christian Jutten, Juha Karhunen,   pp.245-256
[SIS1A-2]   Nonlinear Independent Factor Analysis by Hierarchical Models  (Abst) (PDF)
    Harri Valpola, Tomas Östman, Juha Karhunen,   pp.257-262
[SIS1A-3]   Quadratic Dependence Measure for Nonlinear Blind Sources Separation  (Abst) (PDF) (PS)
    Sophie Achard, Dinh-Tuan Pham, Christian Jutten,   pp.263-268
[SIS1A-4]   Blind Separation of Post-Nonlinear Mixtures using Gaussianizing Transformations and Temporal Decorrelation  (Abst) (PDF) (PS)
    Andreas Ziehe, Motoaki Kawanabe, Stefan Harmeling, Klaus-Robert Mueller,   pp.269-274
[SIS1A-5]   Nonlinear Geometric ICA  (Abst) (PDF) (PS)
    Fabian Joachim Theis, Carlos Puntonet, Elmar Wolfgang Lang,   pp.275-280

Special Invited Session 1B: Independent Component Analysis of Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Data

[SIS1B-1, Invited Paper]   ICA of Functional MRI Data: An Overview  (Abst) (PDF)
    Vince Calhoun, Tulay Adali, Lars K. Hansen, Jan Larsen, Jim Pekar,   pp.281-288
[SIS1B-2]   Consistency of Infomax ICA Decomposition of Functional Brain Imaging Data  (Abst) (PDF)
    Jeng-Ren Duann, Tzyy-Ping Jung, Scott Makeig, Terrence J. Sejnowski,   pp.289-294
[SIS1B-3]   Probabilistic ICA for fMRI - Noise and Inference  (Abst) (PDF)
    Christian F. Beckmann, Stephen M. Smith,   pp.295-300
[SIS1B-4]   Independent Component Analysis of Auditory fMRI Responses  (Abst) (PDF)
    Fabrizio Esposito, Elia Formisano, Erich Seifritz, Raffaele Elefante, Rainer Goebel, Francesco Di Salle,   pp.301-306
[SIS1B-5]   Combining ICA and Cortical Surface Reconstruction in Functional MRI Investigations of Human Brain Functions  (Abst) (PDF)
    Elia Formisano, Fabrizio Esposito, Francesco Di Salle, Rainer Goebel,   pp.307-312

Poster 2A: Convolutive Models 1

[P2A-01]   Non-Square Blind Source Separation under Coherent Noise by Beamforming and Time-Frequency Masking  (Abst) (PDF)
    Radu Balan, Justinian Rosca, Scott Rickard,   pp.313-318
[P2A-02]   Blind Deconvolution of Images using Gabor Filters and Independent Component Analysis  (Abst) (PDF)
    Shinji Umeyama,   pp.319-324

[P2A-03]   Application of Blind Source Separation in Speech Processing for Combined Interference Removal and Robust Speaker Detection using a Two-Microphone Setup  (Abst) (PDF)
    Erik Visser, Te-Won Lee,   pp.325-329
[P2A-04]   Whitening Processing for Blind Separation of Speech Signals  (Abst) (PDF)
    Yunxin Zhao, Rong Hu, Satoshi Nakamura,   pp.331-336
[P2A-05]   Stable Learning Algorithm for Blind Separation of Temporally Correlated Signals Combining Multistage ICA and Linear Prediction  (Abst) (PDF)
    Tsuyoki Nishikawa, Hiroshi Saruwatari, Kiyohiro Shikano,   pp.337-342
[P2A-06]   Blind Separation of Acoustic Mixtures Based on Linear Prediction Analysis  (Abst) (PDF)
    Kostas Kokkinakis, Vicente Zarzoso, Asoke K. Nandi,   pp.343-348
[P2A-07]   A Unified Presentation of Blind Separation Methods for Convolutive Mixtures using Block-Diagonalization  (Abst) (PDF)
    Cédric Févotte, Christian Doncarli,   pp.349-354
[P2A-08]   Speech Extraction Based Upon a Combined Subband Independent Component Analysis and Neural Memory  (Abst) (PDF)
    Tetsuya Hoya, Allan Kardec Barros, Tomasz Rutkowski, Andrzej Cichocki,   pp.355-360
[P2A-09]   Alternative Structures and Power Spectrum Criteria for Blind Segmentation and Separation of Convolutive Speech Mixtures  (Abst) (PDF) (PS)
    Benoit Albouy, Yannick Deville,   pp.361-366
[P2A-10]   Speech Enhancement and Recognition in Car Environment using Blind Source Separation and Subband Elimination Processing  (Abst) (PDF)
    Hiroshi Saruwatari, Katsuyuki Sawai, Akinobu Lee, Kiyohiro Shikano, Atsunobu Kaminuma, Masao Sakata,   pp.367-372
[P2A-11]   Maximum Likelihood Permutation Correction for Convolutive Source Separation  (Abst) (PDF)
    Wolf Baumann, Dorothea Kolossa, Reinhold Orglmeister,   pp.373-378
[P2A-12]   Permutation Correction and Speech Extraction Based on Split Spectrum Through FastICA  (Abst) (PDF)
    Hiromu Gotanda, Kazuyuki Nobu, Takeshi Koya, Kei-ichi Kaneda, Taka-aki Ishibashi, Naomi Haratani,   pp.379-384

Poster 2B: Algorithms 1

[P2B-01]   Independent Component Analysis using Jaynes' Maximum Entropy Principle  (Abst) (PDF)
    Deniz Erdogmus, Kenneth E. Hild II, Yadunandana N. Rao, Jose C. Principe,   pp.385-389
[P2B-02]   A Modification of the Gradient Algorithm for Blind Signal Separation  (Abst) (PDF)
    Hyung-Min Park, Sang-Hoon Oh, Soo-Young Lee,   pp.391-396
[P2B-03]   Using Wold Decomposition Principle in Blind Separation of Joint Stationary Correlated Sources  (Abst) (PDF)
    Masoud Reza Aghabozorgi, Ali Mohammad Doost-Hoseini,   pp.397-402
[P2B-04]   Linear Multilayer ICA Algorithm Integrating Small Local Modules  (Abst) (PDF)
    Yoshitatsu Matsuda, Kazunori Yamaguchi,   pp.403-408

[P2B-05]   On the Convergence Behavior of the FastICA Algorithm  (Abst) (PDF)
    Scott C. Douglas,   pp.409-414
[P2B-06]   Handling Missing Data with Variational Bayesian Learning of ICA  (Abst) (PDF)
    Kwokleung Chan, Te-Won Lee, Terrence J. Sejnowski,   pp.415-420
[P2B-07]   Globally Convergent Newton Algorithms for Blind Decorrelation  (Abst) (PDF)
    Sergio A. Cruces-Alvarez, Andrzej Cichocki,   pp.421-426
[P2B-08]   An Adaptive Nonlinear Function Controlled by Estimated Output PDF for Blind Source Separation  (Abst) (PDF)
    Kenji Nakayama, Akihiro Hirano, Takayuki Sakai,   pp.427-432
[P2B-09]   HOS Criteria & ICA Algorithms Applied to Radar Detection  (Abst) (PDF) (PS)
    Maher Bouzaien, Ali Mansour,   pp.433-438
[P2B-10]   Natural Gradient using Simultaneous Perturbation without Probability Densities for Blind Source Separation  (Abst) (PDF)
    Yutaka Maeda, Takayuki Maruyama,   pp.439-443
[P2B-11]   Blind Source Separation Based on Dual Adaptive Control  (Abst) (PDF)
    Ding Liu, Xiaoyan Liu, Fucai Qian, Han Liu,   pp.445-450
[P2B-12]   Independent Data Decomposition  (Abst) (PDF)
    Stephen Roberts, Rizwan Ahmed Choudrey,   pp.451-456
[P2B-13]   Decorrelation-Based Blind Source Separation Algorithm and Convergence Analysis  (Abst) (PDF)
    Tiemin Mei, Fuliang Yin,   pp.457-461

Lecture 2A: Algorithms (instantaneous linear mixture models)

[L2A-1]   Combining Blind Source Extraction with Joint Approximate Diagonalization: Thin Algorithms for ICA  (Abst) (PDF)
    Sergio A. Cruces-Alvarez, Andrzej Cichocki,   pp.463-468
[L2A-2]   A Linear Least-Squares Algorithm for Joint Diagonalization  (Abst) (PDF) (PS)
    Andreas Ziehe, Pavel Laskov, Klaus-Robert Mueller, Guido Nolte,   pp.469-474
[L2A-3]   Adaptive Selection for Minimum Beta-Divergence Method  (Abst) (PDF)
    Mihoko Minami, Shinto Eguchi,   pp.475-480
[L2A-4]   Two-Phase Nonparametric ICA Algorithm for Blind Separation of Instantaneous Linear Mixtures  (Abst) (PDF)
    Chin-Jen Ku, Terrence L. Fine,   pp.481-486
[L2A-5]   Independent Component Analysis on the Basis of Helmholtz Machine  (Abst) (PDF)
    Masashi Ohata, Toshiharu Mukai, Kiyotoshi Matsuoka,   pp.487-492
[L2A-6]   Blind Source Separation Based on Space-Time-Frequency Diversity  (Abst) (PDF) (PS)
    Scott Rickard, Radu Balan, Justinian Rosca,   pp.493-498

Lecture 2B: Speech Processing

[L2B-1]   Subband Based Blind Source Separation with Appropriate Processing for Each Frequency Band  (Abst) (PDF)
    Shoko Araki, Shoji Makino, Robert Aichner, Tsuyoki Nishikawa, Hiroshi Saruwatari,   pp.499-504
[L2B-2]   A Robust and Precise Method for Solving the Permutation Problem of Frequency-Domain Blind Source Separation  (Abst) (PDF)
    Hiroshi Sawada, Ryo Mukai, Shoko Araki, Shoji Makino,   pp.505-510
[L2B-3]   Separation of Speech Signals with Segmentation of the Impulse Responses under Reverberant Conditions  (Abst) (PDF)
    Christine Servière,   pp.511-516
[L2B-4]   Recursive Method for Blind Source Separation and its Applications to Real-Time Separations of Acoustic Signals  (Abst) (PDF)
    Shuxue Ding, Toru Hikichi, Teruo Niitsuma, Masahiro Hamatsu, Kazuyoshi Sugai,   pp.517-522
[L2B-5]   Multistage ICA for Blind Source Separation of Real Acoustic Convolutive Mixture  (Abst) (PDF)
    Tsuyoki Nishikawa, Hiroshi Saruwatari, Kiyohiro Shikano, Shoko Araki, Shoji Makino,   pp.523-528
[L2B-6]   Single Channel Signal Separation using Maximum Likelihood Subspace Projection  (Abst) (PDF)
    Gil-Jin Jang, Te-Won Lee, Yung-Hwan Oh,   pp.529-534

Invited Talk 2: Masaki Kawakatsu (Tokyo Denki University)

[IT-2]   Application of ICA to MEG Noise Reduction  (Abst) (PDF)
    Masaki Kawakatsu,   pp.535-541

Poster 3A: Convolutive Models 2

[P3A-01]   Frequency Domain Realization of a Multichannel Blind Deconvolution Algorithm Based on the Natural Gradient  (Abst) (PDF)
    Marcel Joho, Philip Schniter,   pp.543-548
[P3A-02]   Blind Separation and Deconvolution for Real Convolutive Mixture of Temporally Correlated Acoustic Signals using SIMO-Model-Based ICA  (Abst) (PDF)
    Hiroshi Saruwatari, Tomoya Takatani, Hiroaki Yamajo, Tsuyoki Nishikawa, Kiyohiro Shikano,   pp.549-554
[P3A-03]   Multichannel Blind Deconvolution using a Generalized Exponential Source Model  (Abst) (PDF)
    Liang Suo Ma, Ah Chung Tsoi,   pp.555-560

[P3A-04]   Generalized Deflation Algorithms for the Blind Source-Factor Separation of MIMO-FIR Channels  (Abst) (PDF)
    Mitsuru Kawamoto, Yujiro Inouye,   pp.561-566
[P3A-05]   Real-Time Binaural Blind Source Separation  (Abst) (PDF)
    Changkyu Choi,   pp.567-572
[P3A-06]   A Combined Cascading Subspace and Adaptive Signal Enhancement Method for Stereophonic Noise Reduction  (Abst) (PDF)
    Tetsuya Hoya, Andrzej Cichocki, Toshihisa Tanaka, Gen Hori, Takahiro Murakami, Jonathon A. Chambers,   pp.573-578
[P3A-07]   A Fixed-Point ICA Algorithm for Convoluted Speech Signal Separation  (Abst) (PDF)
    Rajkishore Prasad, Hiroshi Saruwatari, Akinobu Lee, Kiyohiro Shikano,   pp.579-584
[P3A-08]   Estimating AR Parameter-Sets for Linear-Recurrent Signals in Convolutive Mixtures  (Abst) (PDF)
    Masato Miyoshi,   pp.585-589
[P3A-09]   Blind Deconvolution and ICA with a Banded Mixing Matrix  (Abst) (PDF)
    Sam T. Kaplan, Tadeusz J. Ulrych,   pp.591-596
[P3A-10]   Blind Source Separation using ICA and Beamforming  (Abst) (PDF)
    Xuebin Hu, Hidefumi Kobatake,   pp.597-602
[P3A-11]   Adaptive Noise Canceling using Convolved Reference Noise Based on Independent Component Analysis  (Abst) (PDF)
    Taesu Kim, Hyung-Min Park, Soo-Young Lee,   pp.603-608

Poster 3B: Algorithms 2

[P3B-01]   Oriented PCA and Blind Signal Separation  (Abst) (PDF) (PS)
    Konstantinos I. Diamantaras, Theophilos Papadimitriou,   pp.609-613
[P3B-02]   Blind Source Separation Based on the Fractional Fourier Transform  (Abst) (PDF) (PS)
    Sharon Karako-Eilon, Arie Yeredor, David Mendlovic,   pp.615-620
[P3B-03]   A One-Bit-Matching Theorem Based Simplified LPM-ICA Algorithm  (Abst) (PDF)
    Zhi-Yong Liu, Kai-Chun Chiu, Lei Xu,   pp.621-626

[P3B-04]   Adaptive Noise Cancellation and Blind Source Separation  (Abst) (PDF)
    Maria Grazia Jafari, Jonathon A. Chambers,   pp.627-632
[P3B-05]   Complex ICA for Direction Finding and Separation of Broadband Sound Sources -- High-Quality Signal Separation using an Inverse Filter --  (Abst) (PDF)
    Noboru Nakasako, Hisanao Ogura,   pp.633-638
[P3B-06]   Improving Algorithm Speed in PNL Mixture Separation and Wiener System Inversion  (Abst) (PDF) (PS)
    Jordi Solé-Casals, Massoud Babaie-Zadeh, Chrsitian Jutten, Dinh-Tuan Pham,   pp.639-644
[P3B-07]   An Online Algorithm for Blind Extraction of Sources with Different Dynamical Structures  (Abst) (PDF)
    Danilo Mandic, Andrzej Cichocki,   pp.645-650
[P3B-08]   Improved Blind Separations of Nonstationary Sources Based on Spatial Time-Frequency Distributions  (Abst) (PDF)
    Yimin Zhang, Moeness G. Amin, Alan R. Lindsey,   pp.651-656
[P3B-09]   Blind Sources Separation by Simultaneous Generalized Referenced Contrasts Diagonalization  (Abst) (PDF) (PS)
    Abdellah Adib, Eric Moreau, Driss Aboutajdine,   pp.657-661
[P3B-10]   Blind Source Separation using Order Statistics  (Abst) (PDF) (PS)
    Jani Even, Eric Moisan,   pp.663-668
[P3B-11]   Deterministic Blind Source Separation for Space Variant Imaging  (Abst) (PDF)
    Harold Szu, Ivica Kopriva,   pp.669-674
[P3B-12]   Blind Separation of Auto-Correlated Images from Noisy Mixtures using MRF Models  (Abst) (PDF)
    Anna Tonazzini, Luigi Bedini, Ercan E. Kuruoglu, Emanuele Salerno,   pp.675-680
[P3B-13]   Blind Inversion of Wiener System using a Minimization-Projection (MP) Approach  (Abst) (PDF) (PS)
    Massoud Babaie-Zadeh, Jordi Solé-Casals, Christian Jutten,   pp.681-686

Special Invited Session 2A: ICA/BSS for Multimedia Signal Processing

[SIS2A-1, Invited Paper]   Independent Component Analysis in Multimedia Modeling  (Abst) (PDF)
    Jan Larsen, Lars Kai Hansen, Thomas Kolenda, Finn Aarup Nielsen,   pp.687-696
[SIS2A-2]   Learning the Semantics of Multimedia Content with Application to Web Image Retrieval and Classification  (Abst) (PDF) (PS)
    Alexei Vinokourov, David R. Hardoon, John Shawe-Taylor,   pp.697-701
[SIS2A-3]   Review of ICA and HOS Methods for Retrieval of Natural Sounds and Sound Effects  (Abst) (PDF)
    Shlomo Dubnov, Adiel Ben-Shalom,   pp.703-708
[SIS2A-4]   Audio/Visual Independent Components  (Abst) (PDF) (PS)
    Paris Smaragdis, Michael Casey,   pp.709-714
[SIS2A-5]   A Tentative Typology of Audio Source Separation Tasks  (Abst) (PDF) (PS)
    Emmanuel Vincent, Cédric Févotte, Laurent Benaroya, Rémi Gribonval,   pp.715-720

Special Invited Session 2B: ICA/BSS for Wireless Communication

[SIS2B-1]   First-Order Differential Beamforming and Joint-Process Estimation for Spatial Source Separation  (Abst) (PDF)
    Pedro Gómez-Vilda, Victor Nieto-Lluis, Agustín Álvarez-Marquina, Rafael Martínez-Olalla, Francisco Rodríguez-Dapena, Francisco Díaz-Pérez, Victoria Rodellar-Biarge,   pp.721-726
[SIS2B-2]   Blind Multi User Detection in DS-CDMA Systems using Natural Gradient Based Symbol Recovery Structures  (Abst) (PDF)
    Khurram Waheed, Keyur Desai, Fathi M. Salem,   pp.727-732
[SIS2B-3]   Blind Identification for Fixed Fragment-Size Packet Transmissions with Distributed Redundancy over Multipath Fading Channels  (Abst) (PDF)
    Shuichi Ohno, Georgios B. Giannakis,   pp.733-738
[SIS2B-4]   Inter-Cell Interference Cancellation in CDMA Array Systems by Independent Component Analysis  (Abst) (PDF)
    Tapani Ristaniemi, Karthikesh Raju, Juha Karhunen, Erkki Oja,   pp.739-744

Poster 4A: Theory 2

[P4A-01]   An Approach of Grouping Decomposed Components  (Abst) (PDF)
    Daisuke Ito, Takuya Mukai, Noboru Murata,   pp.745-750
[P4A-02]   A Statistical Approach to Testing Mutual Independence of ICA Recovered Sources  (Abst) (PDF)
    Kai-Chun Chiu, Zhi-Yong Liu, Lei Xu,   pp.751-756
[P4A-03]   L^2 De-Gaussianization and Independent Component Analysis  (Abst) (PDF)
    Takeshi Yokoo, Bruce W. Knight, Lawrence Sirovich,   pp.757-762
[P4A-04]   Proposals for Performance Measurement in Source Separation  (Abst) (PDF) (PS)
    Rémi Gribonval, Laurent Benaroya, Emmanuel Vincent, Cédric Févotte,   pp.763-768

[P4A-05]   Generation of Correlated Non-Gaussian Random Variables from Independent Components  (Abst) (PDF) (PS)
    Juha Karvanen,   pp.769-774
[P4A-06]   Geometrical Interpretation of the PCA Subspace Method for Overdetermined Blind Source Separation  (Abst) (PDF)
    Stefan Winter, Hiroshi Sawada, Shoji Makino,   pp.775-780
[P4A-07]   The Canonical Decomposition and Blind Identification with More Inputs than Outputs: Some Algebraic Results  (Abst) (PDF)
    Lieven De Lathauwer,   pp.781-784
[P4A-08]   On the Regularization of Canonical Correlation Analysis  (Abst) (PDF)
    Tijl De Bie, Bart De Moor,   pp.785-790
[P4A-09]   A Brute-Force Analytical Formulation of the Independent Components Analysis Solution  (Abst) (PDF)
    Deniz Erdogmus, Anant Hegde, Kenneth E. Hild II, M. Can Ozturk, Jose C. Principe,   pp.791-796
[P4A-10]   Learning Hierarchical Dynamics using Independent Component Analysis  (Abst) (PDF) (PS)
    Rizwan Ahmed Choudrey, Stephen Roberts,   pp.797-802
[P4A-11]   On-Line Variational Bayesian Learning  (Abst) (PDF)
    Antti Honkela, Harri Valpola,   pp.803-808
[P4A-12]   Bayesian ICA with Hidden Markov Model Sources  (Abst) (PDF) (PS)
    Rizwan Ahmed Choudrey, Stephen Roberts,   pp.809-814
[P4A-13]   Monaural ICA of White Noise Mixtures is Hard  (Abst) (PDF) (PS)
    Lars Kai Hansen, Kaare Brandt Petersen,   pp.815-820
[P4A-14]   Simultaneous Matrix Diagonalization: the Overcomplete Case  (Abst) (PDF)
    Lieven De Lathauwer,   pp.821-825

Poster 4B: Applications 2

[P4B-01]   ICA Filter Bank for Segmentation of Textured Images  (Abst) (PDF)
    Robert Jenssen, Torbjorn Eltoft,   pp.827-832
[P4B-02]   Fetal Magnetocardiographic Source Separation using the Poles of the Autocorrelation Function  (Abst) (PDF)
    Draulio de Araujo, Allan K. Barros, Oswaldo Baffa, Ronald Wakai, Hui Zhao, Noboru Ohnishi,   pp.833-836

[P4B-03]   An Effective Evaluation Function for ICA to Separate Train Noise from Telluric Current Data  (Abst) (PDF) (PS)
    Mika Koganeyama, Sayuri Sawa, Hayaru Shouno, Toshiyasu Nagao, Kazuki Joe,   pp.837-842
[P4B-04]   Extraction of Drum Tracks from Polyphonic Music using Independent Subspace Analysis  (Abst) (PDF)
    Christian Uhle, Christian Dittmar, Thomas Sporer,   pp.843-848
[P4B-05]   Study of Mutual Information in Perceptual Coding with Application for Low Bit-Rate Compression  (Abst) (PDF) (PS)
    Adiel Ben-Shalom, Shlomo Dubnov, Michael Werman,   pp.849-854
[P4B-06]   Application of ICA to Lossless Image Coding  (Abst) (PDF)
    Michel Barret, Michel Narozny,   pp.855-859
[P4B-07]   ICA Features of Image Data in One, Two and Three Dimensions  (Abst) (PDF)
    Mika Inki,   pp.861-866
[P4B-08]   Research of Saccade-Related EEG: Comparison of Ensemble Averaging Method and Independent Component Analysis  (Abst) (PDF)
    Arao Funase, Allan K. Barros, Shigeru Okuma, Tohru Yagi, Andrzej Cichocki,   pp.867-872
[P4B-09]   Assessing rCBF Changes in Parkingson's Disease using Independent Component Analysis  (Abst) (PDF)
    Jung-Lung Hsu, Jeng-Ren Duann, Han-Cheng Wang, Tzyy-Ping Jung,   pp.873-878
[P4B-10]   Application of Independent Component Analysis to Chemical Reactions  (Abst) (PDF)
    Sophia Triadaphillou, Julian Morris, Elaine Martin,   pp.879-884
[P4B-11]   Decorrelation Techniques for Geometry Coding of 3D Mesh  (Abst) (PDF)
    Mircea Curila, Sorin Curila, Danielle Nuzillard,   pp.885-890

Lecture 3A: Beyond ICA

[L3A-1]   Finding Clusters in Independent Component Analysis  (Abst) (PDF) (PS)
    Francis R. Bach, Michael I. Jordan,   pp.891-896
[L3A-2]   Blind Source Separation with Relative Newton Method  (Abst) (PDF) (PS)
    Michael Zibulevsky,   pp.897-902
[L3A-3]   TV-SOBI: An Expansion of SOBI for Linearly Time-Varying Mixtures  (Abst) (PDF)
    Arie Yeredor,   pp.903-908
[L3A-4]   Sixth Order Blind Identification of Underdetermined Mixtures (BIRTH) of Sources  (Abst) (PDF)
    Laurent Albera, Anne Ferreol, Pierre Comon, Pascal Chevalier,   pp.909-914
[L3A-5]   On the Effect of the Form of the Posterior Approximation in Variational Learning of ICA Models  (Abst) (PDF)
    Alexander Ilin, Harri Valpola,   pp.915-920
[L3A-6]   The Co-Information Lattice  (Abst) (PDF) (PS)
    Anthony John Bell,   pp.921-926

Lecture 3B: Convolutive Models and their Applications

[L3B-1]   A Robust Algorithm for Blind Separation of Convolutive Mixture of Sources  (Abst) (PDF)
    Kiyotoshi Matsuoka, Satoshi Nakashima,   pp.927-932
[L3B-2]   Blind Separation of Multiple Convolved Colored Signals using Second-Order Statistics  (Abst) (PDF)
    Mitsuru Kawamoto, Yujiro Inouye,   pp.933-938
[L3B-3]   A Joint Diagonalization Method for Convolutive Blind Separation of Nonstationary Sources in the Frequency Domain  (Abst) (PDF)
    Wenwu Wang, Jonathon A. Chambers, Saeid Sanei,   pp.939-944
[L3B-4]   A Generalization of a Class of Blind Source Separation Algorithms for Convolutive Mixtures  (Abst) (PDF)
    Herbert Buchner, Robert Aichner, Walter Kellermann,   pp.945-950
[L3B-5]   Geometrically Constrained ICA for Robust Separation of Sound Mixtures  (Abst) (PDF) (PS)
    Mirko Knaak, Shoko Araki, Shoji Makino,   pp.951-956
[L3B-6]   Wiener Based Source Separation with HMM/GMM using a Single Sensor  (Abst) (PDF)
    Laurent Benaroya, Frédéric Bimbot,   pp.957-961

Invited Talk 3: Aapo Hyvärinen (Helsinki University of Technology)

[IT-3]   Extensions of ICA as Models of Natural Images and Visual Processing  (Abst) (PDF)
    Aapo Hyvärinen, Patrik O. Hoyer, Jarmo Hurri,   pp.963-974

Poster 5A: Convolutive Models 3

[P5A-01]   Real-Time Blind Source Separation for Moving Speakers using Blockwise ICA and Residual Crosstalk Subtraction  (Abst) (PDF)
    Ryo Mukai, Hiroshi Sawada, Shoko Araki, Shoji Makino,   pp.975-980

[P5A-02]   Blind Separation of Convolutive Audio Mixtures using Nonstationarity  (Abst) (PDF)
    Dinh-Tuan Pham, Christine Servière, Hakim Boumaraf,   pp.981-986
[P5A-03]   On-Line Time-Domain Blind Source Separation of Nonstationary Convolved Signals  (Abst) (PDF)
    Robert Aichner, Herbert Buchner, Shoko Araki, Shoji Makino,   pp.987-992
[P5A-04]   SIMO-Model-Based Independent Component Analysis for High-Fidelity Blind Separation of Acoustic Signals  (Abst) (PDF)
    Tomoya Takatani, Tsuyoki Nishikawa, Hiroshi Saruwatari, Kiyohiro Shikano,   pp.993-998
[P5A-05]   Cepstrum-Like ICA Representations for Text Independent Speaker Recognition  (Abst) (PDF)
    Justinian Rosca, Andri Kofmehl,   pp.999-1004
[P5A-06]   Control Systems Analysis via Blind Source Deconvolution  (Abst) (PDF)
    Kenji Sugimoto, Yoshito Kikkawa,   pp.1005-1010
[P5A-07]   Experimental Studies on DOA Estimation Based on Blind Signal Separation and Array Signal Processing  (Abst) (PDF)
    Jie Zhuo, Chao Sun,   pp.1011-1016
[P5A-08]   Towards Affect Recognition: An ICA Approach  (Abst) (PDF)
    Mandar Arun Rahurkar, John Hansen,   pp.1017-1022
[P5A-09]   Selective Microphone System using Blind Separation by Block Decorrelation of Output Signals  (Abst) (PDF)
    Masakazu Iwaki, Akio Ando,   pp.1023-1028
[P5A-10]   Blind Deconvolution of Timely-Correlated Sources by Homomorphic Filtering in Fourier Space  (Abst) (PDF)
    Wlodzimierz Kasprzak, Adam Okazaki,   pp.1029-1034
[P5A-11]   Blind Equalization of Fractionally-Spaced Channels  (Abst) (PDF)
    Luciano P. G. Sarperi, Vicente Zarzoso, Asoke K. Nandi,   pp.1035-1040

Poster 5B: Algorithms 3

[P5B-01]   Blind Equalization by Sampled PDF Fitting  (Abst) (PDF)
    Marcelino Lazaro, Ignacio Santamaria, Carlos Pantaleon, Deniz Erdogmus, Kenneth E. Hild II, Jose C. Principe,   pp.1041-1046
[P5B-02]   ICA using Spacing Estimates of Entropy  (Abst) (PDF)
    Erik G. Miller, John W. Fisher,   pp.1047-1052
[P5B-03]   Initialized Jacobi Optimization in Independent Component Analysis  (Abst) (PDF) (PS)
    Juan Jose Murillo-Fuentes, Rafael Boloix, Francisco J. González-Serrano,   pp.1053-1058
[P5B-04]   Temporal and Time-Frequency Correlation-Based Blind Source Separation Methods  (Abst) (PDF)
    Yannick Deville,   pp.1059-1064

[P5B-05]   Adaptive Initialized Jacobi Optimization in Independent Component Analysis  (Abst) (PDF) (PS)
    Juan Jose Murillo-Fuentes, Rafael Boloix, Francisco J. González-Serrano,   pp.1065-1070
[P5B-06]   A Histogram-Based Overcomplete ICA Algorithm  (Abst) (PDF) (PS)
    Fabian Joachim Theis, Carlos Puntonet, Elmar Wolfgang Lang,   pp.1071-1076
[P5B-07]   Algebraic Overcomplete Independent Component Analysis  (Abst) (PDF)
    Khurram Waheed, Fathi M. Salem,   pp.1077-1082
[P5B-08]   Minimization-Projection (MP) Approach for Blind Source Separation in Different Mixing Models  (Abst) (PDF) (PS)
    Massoud Babaie-Zadeh, Christian Jutten, Kambiz Nayebi,   pp.1083-1088
[P5B-09]   Several Improvements of the Hérault-Jutten Model for Speech Segregation  (Abst) (PDF)
    Frédéric Berthommier, Seungjin Choi,   pp.1089-1094
[P5B-10]   Critical Point Analysis of Joint Diagonalization Criteria  (Abst) (PDF)
    Gen Hori, Jonathan H. Manton,   pp.1095-1100
[P5B-11]   A Geometric ICA Procedure Based on a Lattice of the Observation Space  (Abst) (PDF)
    Manuel R. Alvarez, Fernando Rojas, Carlos G. Puntonet, Fabian Theis, Elmar W. Lang, Julio Ortega,   pp.1101-1106
[P5B-12]   Adaptive Blind Source Separation in Order Specified by Stochastic Properties  (Abst) (PDF)
    Xiao-long Zhu, Jian-feng Chen, Xian-da Zhang,   pp.1107-1110

Invited Talk 4: Jean-Francois Cardoso (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique)

[IT-4]   Independent Component Analysis of the Cosmic Microwave Background  (Abst) (PDF)
    Jean-Francois Cardoso, Jacques Delabrouille, Guillaume Patanchon,   pp.1111-1116