Introduction of Evangelists

Here we will introduce you to the Evangelists within NTT Social Informatics Laboratories.
At NTT, the following titles are bestowed on researchers who are actively engaged in Japan and abroad.

The title of "Fellow" is reserved for individuals whose research results have brought global recognition, and the company anticipates that the individual's work will continue to demonstrate a high level of achievement in areas of key research interest to NTT.
"Distinguished Researcher" is a title given to innovative researchers who are recognized both within and outside the company for the excellence of their work. "Senior Distinguished Researcher" is a title given to exceptionally gifted Distinguished Researchers responsible for guiding innovative research or cutting-edge technical development in research areas considered to be important for the NTT Group over the long term.

"Chief Security Scientist" is a title given to individuals who significantly enhance security capabilities through wide-ranging technological and scientific activities that go beyond the NTT Group (global and/or national security measures, national security system design, providing advice and/or drafting operational guidelines, etc.).

"Security Principal" is a title given to individuals with an outstanding record of achievement both domestically and internationally, and who have gained the trust and acclaim of their peers both within and outside the company. "Security Master" is a title given to individuals among Security Principal who accomplish a task of especially lasting impact on international community.

Fellow/Security Master

  • Tatsuaki Okamoto

    Tatsuaki Okamoto

    [Area of Research]


    [Date of Appointment]

    April 1, 2007

Security Master/Chief Security Scientist

  • Katsumi Takahashi

    Katsumi Takahashi

    Information security researcher. Especially interested in security and privacy issues involving big data and IoT.
    Developed techniques including for secret computation, anonymization, intelligent encryption, and cloud key encryption. Established NTT coding technology "privango." Since joining NTT, has consistently been engaged in the R&D of information processing technologies, and has realized leading-edge technologies during the dawn of the Internet such as iTownPages, Mobile Info Search, and location-oriented robot-based "kokono search." Also devoted to bridge-building between technology and society, contributing to the 2017 Revised Act on the Protection of Personal Information as a member of the government study committee. NTT Social Informatics Laboratories Chief Security Scientist. Executive Research Engineer. NTT Security Master. PhD (Information Engineering).

Senior Distinguished Researcher/Security Master

  • Masayuki Abe

    Masayuki Abe

    Research of cryptography, especially security of encryption protocols.

    Engaged in development of efficient and easy-to-use encryption, anonymization and authentication systems. Conducts research of methods to securely devise privacy-protecting encryption protocols.

Senior Distinguished Researcher/Security Principal

  • Mitsuaki Akiyama

    Mitsuaki Akiyama

    PhD (Engineering)

    Since joining NTT, has been engaged in R&D of counter-cyber attack technologies. Seeks to create effective security intelligence for measures by developing technologies to monitor, detect, and analyze diversifying cyber attacks on an Internet-wide scale. Research themes cover a wide range, including honeypot, Web security, malware analysis, mobile app/device analysis, IoT device/firmware analysis, and usable privacy and security.

Distinguished Researcher/Security Principal

  • Tibouchi Mehdi

    Tibouchi Mehdi

    Researches various mathematical aspects of public-key cryptography. Seeks to deepen understanding of security of conventional cryptosystems (RSA, elliptic curve cryptography), create foundation for nascent encryption techniques (pairing, quantum cryptography), and design next-generation multifunctional encryption techniques (fully homomorphic encryption, cryptographic multilinear maps).

  • Makoto Iwamura

    Makoto Iwamura

    To fight against cyber attacks, conducts R&D of technologies that elucidate malware functions and threats. In addition, engaged in R&D of reverse engineering, vulnerability analysis, and forensics.

  • Yuhei Kawakoya

    Yuhei Kawakoya

    I do research on malware analysis by applying advanced program analysis techniques, such as taint analysis or symbolic execution, to real-world problems in practical fields. My goal is to realize full-automatic analysis technologies to understand all functionalities and behaviors of any types of malware.

Distinguished Researcher

  • Yu Sasaki

    Yu Sasaki

    Research on cryptography, in particular on symmetric-key cryptosystem

    We are developing secure and efficient symmetric-key cryptosystems. We also perform cryptanalysis for internationally standardized algorithms.

  • Ryo Nishimaki

    Ryo Nishimaki

    Research on cryptography, in particular, secure computation on encrypted data and functionalities

    We pursue theory and construction techniques for encryption, digital signatures, proof systems, and program obfuscation to achieve secure communication and computation.

  • Yosuke Todo

    Yosuke Todo

    Creation of a foundational theory for symmetric-key ciphers, and design and analysis of specialized symmetric-key ciphers

    Researching a foundational theory for symmetric-key ciphers. Evaluates security of symmetric-key ciphers and designs ciphers for specialized purposes.

  • Atsushi Nakadaira

    Atsushi Nakadaira

    Research on how to create, manage, and leverage information about social relationships

    Addresses social issues by exploring the value of data as information about social relationships, and developing ways to manage and leverage it.

  • Atsutoshi Kumagai

    Atsutoshi Kumagai

    Machine Learning for Knowledge Transfer

    Aims to develop machine learning algorithms that perform well even without sufficient data by using useful knowledge from various types of different but related data.

Security Principal

  • Takemi NISASE

    Takemi NISASE

    Involved in NTT-CERT activities as member of NTT Group's CSIRT (Computer Security Incident Response Team).

    As Security System Engineer, seeks to improve NTT Group's overall security level by providing incidence response, security information gathering and analysis, formulating guidelines, and risk analysis. In addition, transfers knowledge gained from these activities to security research.

  • Kazufumi Aoki

    Kazufumi Aoki

    I am engaged in the research and development of cyber attack detection technologies and malware analytic technologies. Currently, I am seeking to establish cyber attack countermeasures through R&D of LRR: Platform for Collaborative Cyber Defense and technologies that determine the success or failure of cyber attacks.