Introduction of Evangelists

Here we will introduce you to the Evangelists within NTT Social Informatics Laboratories.
At NTT, the following titles are bestowed on researchers who are actively engaged in Japan and abroad.

The title of "Fellow" is reserved for individuals whose research results have brought global recognition, and the company anticipates that the individual's work will continue to demonstrate a high level of achievement in areas of key research interest to NTT.
"Distinguished Researcher" is a title given to innovative researchers who are recognized both within and outside the company for the excellence of their work. "Senior Distinguished Researcher" is a title given to exceptionally gifted Distinguished Researchers responsible for guiding innovative research or cutting-edge technical development in research areas considered to be important for the NTT Group over the long term.

"Chief Security Scientist" is a title given to individuals who significantly enhance security capabilities through wide-ranging technological and scientific activities that go beyond the NTT Group (global and/or national security measures, national security system design, providing advice and/or drafting operational guidelines, etc.).

"Security Principal" is a title given to individuals with an outstanding record of achievement both domestically and internationally, and who have gained the trust and acclaim of their peers both within and outside the company. "Security Master" is a title given to individuals among Security Principal who accomplish a task of especially lasting impact on international community.

Fellow/Security Master

  • Tatsuaki Okamoto

    Tatsuaki Okamoto

    Specializes in cryptology and computational theory. Research focuses on the theoretical areas of cryptography and information security, with a recent interest in the fundamental theory of complexity.
    Since joining the company, has been engaged in research and development of computer network architecture and natural language processing. Subsequently, conducted research in cryptography and information security, and computational complexity theory. Helped establish NTT Research, Inc. (USA) and served as the Laboratory Director of NTT Research, Inc. from 2019-2022. Served as a board member of the International Association for Cryptologic Research (IACR), President of the Japanese Society for Applied Mathematics, and a board member of the Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers. Received the Achievement Award, Meritorious Achievement Award, and Paper Award from the Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers, the Director-General's Award from the Science and Technology Agency, the Medal with Purple Ribbon, the RSA Conference Award, Distinguished Speaker of the International Cryptology Association, Achievement Award from the Japanese Society for Applied Mathematics, the Asahi Prize, and others.
    Fellow of IACR.

Security Master/Chief Security Scientist

  • Katsumi Takahashi

    Katsumi Takahashi

    Researcher in information security. Especially interested in security and privacy of Big Data/IoT.
    Developed secure computation, anonymization, intelligent cryptography, cloud key cryptography, "privango", etc. as a member of NTT's cryptography research team. Since joining NTT, has been consistently engaged in research and development of information processing technology, and has realized pioneering location-based search engines such as i-townpage, mobile infosearch, and "kokono search" in the early days of the web. Has also contributed to bridging the gap between technology and systems, and contributed to the revision of the Personal Information Protection Law in 2009 as a member of the government's study group.
    PhD(Information Engineering).

Senior Distinguished Researcher/Security Master

  • Masayuki Abe

    Masayuki Abe

    Director of the Abe Distinguished Research Laboratory.
    Since joining NTT, has been engaged in research on cryptology, especially on the security of cryptographic protocols.
    Has produced remarkable results in extending and upgrading digital signatures, such as group structure preserving (SP) cryptosystems, partially blind signatures, and improved ring signatures, which have applications in cryptocurrencies and privacy protection in information distribution. Has also conducted pioneering research on distributed verifier zero-knowledge proofs and other results useful in recent distributed environments. In recent years, has led a distinguished research laboratory and is leading research on cryptography for the coming quantum era.
    Recipient of the 48th Ichimura Academic Achievement Award (April 2016), the 53rd Achievement Award of the Telecommunications Society of Japan (June 2016), the 64th Dense Maeshima Award of the Communications Culture Association of Japan (April 2019), and the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Award for Science and Technology (Research Category) (April 2021).
    Member of the Board of Directors of the International Association for Cryptologic Research (IACR) (2015-) and a Fellow of IACR.
    PhD (Engineering).

Senior Distinguished Researcher/Security Master

  • Mitsuaki Akiyama

    Mitsuaki Akiyama

    Since joining NTT, has been engaged in R&D of counter-cyber attack technologies. Seeks to create effective security intelligence for measures by developing technologies to monitor, detect, and analyze diversifying cyber attacks on an Internet-wide scale. Research themes cover a wide range, including honeypot, Web security, malware analysis, mobile app/device analysis, IoT device/firmware analysis, and usable privacy and security.

Distinguished Researcher/Security Principal

  • Tibouchi Mehdi

    Tibouchi Mehdi

    Researches various mathematical aspects of public-key cryptography. Seeks to deepen understanding of security of conventional cryptosystems (RSA, elliptic curve cryptography), create foundation for nascent encryption techniques (pairing, quantum cryptography), and design next-generation multifunctional encryption techniques (fully homomorphic encryption, cryptographic multilinear maps).

  • Makoto Iwamura

    Makoto Iwamura

    Leader of Zero-Day Attack Countermeasure Technology Group, Social Information Theory Research Project.
    Engaged in research and development of technologies to elucidate the functions and threats of malware for the purpose of countermeasures against cyber-attacks. Also involved in research and development of reverse engineering, vulnerability analysis, and forensics.
    PhD (Engineering).

  • Yuhei Kawakoya

    Yuhei Kawakoya

    Engaged in research to fully automate malware analysis.
    Working on research and development of techniques to automatically reveal all functions and behaviors of malware using program analysis techniques such as taint analysis and symbolic execution.
    PhD (Engineering).

Senior Distinguished Researcher

  • Junji Watanabe

    Junji Watanabe

    Researcher on information and communication technologies that connect people and wellbeing. Conducts research on co-creation support methods that enable people to live in wellbeing through physical and communal sensations. Has developed technology to create intimacy between people even at a distance by means of tactile transmission, and has fostered places of "connection" in the real world (family, places of work and study, and local communities) using "Our Well-being Cards" that reveal the wellbeing values inherent in people. Collaborating with Professor Yasuo Deguchi, a philosopher at Kyoto University, on "Self-as-We", a holistic view of the self based on the Eastern tradition of thought.
    PhD(Information Science and Engineering).

  • Distinguished Researcher

    • Yu Sasaki

      Yu Sasaki

      Researches cryptology, especially design and security analysis of symmetric key cryptography. Designs secure and efficient symmetric key algorithms and conducts security analysis of international standard ciphers and other cryptosystems, aiming to provide appropriate cryptographic communications for applications ranging from high-capacity communications to IoT communications. Has been conducting research at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) since February 2022.

    • Ryo Nishimaki

      Ryo Nishimaki

      Researches cryptology and secure computation methods on encrypted information and programs. Especially design theory and concrete construction methods for secure cryptography, signature and proof systems, and program obfuscation to achieve communication and computation with information kept secret.

    • Yosuke Todo

      Yosuke Todo

      Researches common-key cryptography, construction of the basic theory for the next generation and design of purpose-specific cryptography, and the theory underlying common-key cryptography such as Boolean functions. In particular, evaluating the security of cryptographic schemes and designing purpose-specific cryptographic schemes such as ultra-low power consumption.

    • Atsutoshi Kumagai

      Atsutoshi Kumagai

      Researches machine learning that enables knowledge transfer from diverse data. Goal is to create machine learning techniques that enable value extraction by leveraging knowledge from a wide variety of different data, even for problems for which sufficient quality and quantity of data are not available.

    • Junko Takahashi

      Junko Takahashi

      Researches the design of cryptographic implementation methods and the photonic circuits to achieve photonic cryptographic hardware using photonic logic gates, which is necessary to ensure the security of optical information processing infrastructure.

    Associate Distinguished Researcher

    • Koki Hamada

      Koki Hamada

      Researches algorithm theory, especially efficent computation methods that keep information private. Designs efficient algorithms and data structures for secure multi-party computation.

    • Fuyuki Kitagawa

      Fuyuki Kitagawa

      Researches cryptology, especially design and security analysis of public key encryption schemes and more advanced ones. Recent interests include the intersection between cryptography and quantum information such as design of new cryptopraphic primitives utilying the power of quantum information.

    Security Principal

    • Kazufumi Aoki

      Kazufumi Aoki

      Researches cyber attack detection and malware analysis technologies. Particularly interested in establishing countermeasures against cyber-attacks through his current research and development of the "Cyber Attack Countermeasure Technology Collaboration Platform" and technology to determine the success or failure of attacks.

    • Dai Ikarashi

      Dai Ikarashi

      Since entering NTT in 2008, has been exploring on the research, development and practical realization of the techniques which process data while it is protected, such as secure computation, which processes data while it is encrypted, secret sharing, data anonymization. Currently, is the technical leader on the secure computation team in NTT and controls its technical direction. On the other hand, is now researching and implementing a framework for easing the development of software using secure computation.

    • Wataru Matsuda

      Wataru Matsuda

      Engaged in research to attack detection techniques and attack method validation for OT (Operational Technology) security in addition to IT systems. Also involved in cybersecurity education and training through industry-academia collaboration with universities.

    • Toshiki Shibahara

      Toshiki Shibahara

      Researches cyber attack detection based on machine learning. Recent interests include security of machine-learning-based systems, particularly attacks against deep neural networks and privacy protection.
      PhD(Information Science).

    • Takuya Watanabe

      Takuya Watanabe

      Dedicated to research and development aimed at preemptively preventing advanced cyber attacks by demonstrating novel threats from the attacker's perspective. In particular, strives to explore attacks on targets that affect a wide range of internet users, such as web, mobile, and smart devices, and aims for fundamental countermeasures.

    • Daiki Chiba

      Daiki Chiba

      Focusing on the research and development of novel cyber attack countermeasure technologies that combine large-scale observation of real-world data and data analysis, particularly working on the research, development, and practical applications of proprietary threat intelligence generation techniques.
      Ph.D. (Engineering).