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NTT Social Informatics Laboratories is engaged in research and development of technologies to contribute to the transformation and development of advanced social systems and human societies through ICT.
The research objectives include: wellbeing research for human happiness; innovation technology for social systems through the fusion of ICT technology and social science; establishment of new technologies to eliminate threats such as cyber attacks; establishment of technologies to realize innovations to create safe social systems through the analysis and prediction of social information; creation of high-value-added social systems through data distribution and utilization that balances usability and security; new data protection technology that utilizes cryptography as well as physical properties; and creation of fundamental next-generation cryptography theories that will lead global expansion.


Katsuhiko Suzuki

Vice President, Head of NTT Social Informatics Laboratories
Katsuhiko Suzuki

Today, innovative technologies such as AI, IoT, and digital twins are prevalent in society. Just as the Industrial Revolution brought about an industrialized society and the development of computer technology brought about an information society, we are aiming to make the next leap in the history of social development. The leap to a future society in which our lives are enriched, to a Smart World.
In this Smart World, cyberspace and the physical world are highly coupled using a variety of innovative technologies. A vast amount of data collected in physical space, including sensor information, is used in highly intelligent cyberspace for analysis and prediction, and is fed back into physical space to create new value and enrich the world.
To create this Smart World, we must first define the happiness and value it brings. We need to think about what information we need to create this world, how we use this information, and how we protect against growing cybersecurity threats. We also think the establishment of technologies and theories is important to make this Smart World a safe and secure place that people can accept, and we believe that comprehensive interdisciplinary research and development is necessary for this.

NTT Social Informatics Laboratories is engaged in research and development for social transformation and development. Our company has many years of experience in cutting-edge research and development in information science, including world-leading cryptography and cybersecurity, and combines research and development in social science fields such as social value, human well-being, legal systems, and social acceptability.


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NTT-CERT Annual Cybersecurity Report

This report summarizes cybersecurity trends during fiscal year 2022 along with our related activities at NTT Social Informatics Laboratories.

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