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Since the invention of the telephone, which ushered in the age of communication, our daily lives have been migrating towards a new era in communication that encompasses a wide diversity of electronic equipment. There have also been significant changes in the quantity and quality of information handled by people and electronic equipment. Under these circumstances, it is necessary to reconsider the quality of communication established between humans, between humans and computers, and between computers. New theories and processing techniques are also needed to work with this information.

At NTT Communication Science Laboratories, we are tackling the computer science and human science aspects of this issue with a view to building a new technical infrastructure that can connect "humans" to "information" in broad terms. We aim to make academic contributions through the creation of new concepts and the discovery of new principles, and social contributions through technological innovation leading to new services. As a global leader in communication science, we are engaged in a broad range of research collaborations with major universities and research organizations not only in Japan but also in other countries.


Futoshi Naya

Vice President, Head of NTT Communication Science Laboratories
Futoshi Naya

The COVID-19 pandemic of the past few years has drastically changed our lifestyles and social activities. Amid these changes, communication between people with diverse values, between people and computers, and between people and society, as well as the technologies that support this communication, are becoming increasingly important.

At NTT Communication Science Laboratories (CS Labs), we are promoting basic research with the mission of developing fundamental theories on the essence of human beings and information and creating innovative technologies that will bring about “heart-touching communication” between human and human and between human and computer.

The main fields of research that we emphasize for this technology include the development of situation recognition based on crossmodal information processing that spans multiple media and advanced and natural media expression that appeals to the human senses (Media); the emergence of wide-ranging intelligent processing that connects a large amount of linguistic information overflowing in the world with ever-changing real-world information (Intelligence); and the elucidation of information mechanisms of the human brain and body related to the five senses, movements, emotions, as well as the provision of innovative and natural perceptual experiences (Human and Brain).

In each of these research fields, we will create seeds of innovation that contribute to the creation of new services for the realization of the NTT Group’s IOWN concept. These seeds will also continue our efforts to promote basic research aimed at solving increasingly complex and diverse social issues and to contribute to the development of science and technology.

To promote such research, we believe in the importance of open innovation through cooperation with researchers and research institutions in Japan and overseas. Therefore, we will always strive to operate a global and open laboratory. We look forward to your further guidance and encouragement, and we thank you for your continued support.

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