Job Opportunities

New Graduates Recruitment(BS/MA/PhD)

Details are given in the NTT R&D Recruiting Information site.

Contract Researcher Recruitment

  • We have two types of the contract researcher: research associate (post doctoral fellow) and research specialist (more experienced and skilled than the research associate).
  • Limited number of research associate and research specialist positions are open in various computer and human science related topics including speech recognition, blind source separation, interactive media design, multi-agent systems, natural language processing, machine learning, information theory and quantum information processing.
  • The salary will be decided according to company regulation and in proportion to his/her skills and experience. The positions are tenable for one year and are renewable every year, until the limit of two to three years for research associate and five years for research specialist.
  • The working location is in the Keihanna research center near Kyoto or in the Atsugi research center near Tokyo, Japan.

Applicants should forward following information to

  1. Curriculum Viate including publication list and research experiences
  2. Outline of past research
  3. Outline of desired areas of research with NTT Communication Science Laboratories