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Science of Human


Measuring visual abilities in a delightful manner

- Self eye-check system using video games and tablet PCs -


We explore an enjoyable and simple way to measure functions of the eye. We combined know-hows accumulated through vision-science-experiments with technologies for drawing precise computer graphics on web browsers, and created a system for testing visual functions with a generic tablet device. Our system can be utilized for selfchecking of eye functions in a delightful way like a video game. Previous tests of visual function are often timeconsuming and normally require the help of medical experts. Our system allows users to measure each visual function in about 3 minutes. This system can be utilized to self-check users’ eye condition routinely. In addition, by accumulating knowledge through data of many people including patients with eye diseases in simple and short-time measurement, we can expect an early detection of eye diseases, rehabilitation application, and scientific findings about complex visual processes.


  • [1] K. Hosokawa, K. Maruya, S. Nishida, “Testing a novel tool for vision experiments over the internet,” Journal of Vision, Vol. 16, p. 967, 2016.




Kazushi Maruya, Sensory Representation Research Group, Human Information Science Laboratory