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Science of Communication and Computation


Touch, enhance, and measure the empathy in crowd

- Towards tactile enhanced crowd empathetic communication -


This study targets the empathetic communication that occur in sharing the same field. To provide quantitative evaluations, physiological changes are observed using optical camera communication. Vibrotactile stimulation was presented simultaneously to enhance the viewing experience. Thanks to the vibrotactile communication technologies, we can record, distribute, and display tactile information in accordance with audiovisual contents and optical camera communication enabled us to simultaneously observe physiological responses from crowd of people. By combining these interdisciplinary technologies we can run cyclical research processes of sense intervention, measurement, evaluation, and factor analysis to progress the research on empathetic communication. Based on these research results, we will make a design theory for making field that can enhance the wellbeing of the people gathered in the field.


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Takashi G Sato, Moriya Research Laboratory