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Danswing papers

- An illusion to give motion impressions to papers -


We propose a technique to give motion illusions to static paper objects. Previous studies have reported visual illusions wherein a static “virtual” object apparently moves on the basis of the luminance interaction between object’s contours and the object’s background. However, no studies have proposed a method to give motion illusion to a static “real” object. This study found a phenomenon in which a paper objects having bright and dark contours apparently moved against the background with dynamic luminance modulation. Manipulating the contour patterns could also produce not only a simple illusory movement such as translation but also relatively complex illusory movements such as expansion, contraction, and rotation. We call this technique Danswing (Dance + swing) papers. By utilizing the Dancing papers, it is possible to gather customer’s attention towards an actually static, but perceptually dynamic, objects.


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Takahiro Kawabe, Sensory and Representation Research Group, Human Information Science Laboratory