We conducted “Survey of people’s information-collection behavior and attitudes towards COVID-19– international comparison between 29 countries” in March 2021. We have now published the survey data.NTT Social informatics laboratories

    HASHIMOTO, Yoshiaki (Tokyo Woman’s Christian University)
    OHNO, Shiroh (Surugadai University)
    AMANO, Mihoko (Tokyo Kasei University)
    HORIKAWA, Yusuke (Waseda University)
    NTT Social informatics laboratories


    By March 2021, COVID-19 had been spreading globally for over a year, and all countries had implemented various infection prevention measures. In Japan, COVID-19 was on its third wave. We conducted a large-scale survey targeting people in 42 cities in 29 countries to clarify the international trends in people’s media usage; evaluation of governments’ infection prevention policies; everyday infection prevention behavior; changes in values, work, and lifestyles; and attitudes towards privacy. Such large-scale worldwide surveys are rare.
    This survey was conducted as joint research between Tokyo Woman’s Christian University and NTT Secure Platform Laboratories (now NTT Social Informatics Laboratories). Research Groups of Prof. Hashimoto designed the question items of information-collection behavior, evaluation of governments’ infection prevention policies, and so on, and NTT Secure Platform Laboratories designed those of privacy attitudes.

    Today, we are publishing the outline of the survey and the simple tabulation data for others to utilize the survey results. We also summarize privacy related results. You can download them from the following links.

    Survey Outline

    Area: 42 cities, 29 countries, including Japan and U.S.
    (People in the most populous city in each country were surveyed. In addition, we include 12 cities for Japan and 3 cities for the U.S. For Israel, participants were spread throughout the country.)
    Subjects: 41,140 participants. Male and female. Ages of 15 ~ 69. 330, 550, or 1,100 people per city. We tried to survey the same number of people for each sex and age group, but if there were not enough people in a particular cell, we compensated by increasing the number in other cells.
    Method: Online survey
    Period: 3/12/2021 ~ 3/25/2021
    Contents of questions: 24 questions including themes such as privacy and COVID-19 (2 questions) and COVID-19 infections (1 Questions)
    Aggregated data of this report: 26,285 participants. The participants who live in the most populous city in each country (other than Israel). Also, compensatory and unreliable participants were removed.


    1. [1]Shiroh Ohno, Mihoko Amano, Yusuke Horikawa and Shiori Shinoda, “Survey of people’s information behavior and attitude in COVID-19 situations – international comparison between 29 countries,” the 44th JSICR Conference, Spring 2021, Jun. 2021.

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