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Chatting with robots broadens your knowledge

Integration of chat and QA based on two-robot coordination


Evoking user interest is an important factor for communicating knowledge to users through dialogue, because users are unwilling to continue the dialogue where the users are not interested. However, previous dialogue system for guide robots was only designed for communicating knowledge based on user requests, such as question-answering (QA) functions, instead of considering how to evoke user interest. Although some dialogue systems adopt chat-like casual conversation that is effectively evokes user interest in addition to QA function, since chat and QA functions are separately developed in previous systems, dialogue topics between the two functions are not shared. This situation complicates creating dialogues that communicate knowledge while evoking user interest. We utilize our own dialogue control technology with multiple robot coordination to naturally control dialogue topics so that chats and QA can be transitioned continuously.


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Hiroaki Sugiyama
Hiroaki Sugiyama
Innovation Communication Laboratory