About Us


NTT Service Innovation Laboratory Group aims to discover the endless possibilities and the ideal state of humanity that can be created by combining future society and digital information, then make these a reality.
NTT Service Innovation Laboratory Group researches and develops technologies that digitize the people and objects that make up society, and enable large-scale, high-accuracy, high-speed predictions of future society and feedback to the real world that digitization makes possible. This enables digitization including the inner aspects of humans, societal interaction that transcends space-time and reality, and realizes unprecedented individual and group activities. This will also show the world what forms humanity must assume in terms of security, privacy, and the global environment.


Senior Vice President

Senior Vice President of NTT Service Innovation Laboratory Group
Ryutaro Kawamura

Looking 10 or 20 years into the future, for what purpose will humanity use the power of digital technology? It seems that people have developed society in recent years through the alternating digitization of people and things, starting with human communication by telephone and email, and followed by digitization of objects on the Internet, new forms of communication using social media, and digitization of objects with IoT and AI. In the future, a time will come for digitization of the inner aspects of people as well, including their thoughts and values. I expect that there will be a time when unanticipated new values will increase explosively and irregularly. We can combine these freely with digital representations of people and objects to depict a future society where it is possible to make large-scale, high-precision predictions. In this process, we will digitize the inner aspects of people to create a cyber space rich in diversity and individuality. To make this a reality, we hope to work with a wide range of partners and create tremendous value.


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