What will be required of security in the future

As represented by the rapidly growing IoT (Internet of Things), there are concerns that connecting all manner of devices to the network will allow cyber-attacks to directly affect human life and societal activities. Assuming that we will enter a so-called "zero trust system environment", we must take countermeasures against new threats and vulnerabilities that accompany changes in the ICT environment. At the same time, in order to create new value using various types of data, it is essential that we solve problems such as invasion of privacy and unauthorized access. It is also essential to have mechanisms for securely performing all value creation processes, from generation, to distribution, analysis, and destruction of data.
Under these circumstances, we believe that it will be required of security in the future to realize a smart world where all people can live safely and in good health, and society as a whole can work smoothly.

Security that "protects" and "creates" a smart world

In order to bridge the gap between the growing risk of cyber-attacks and limitations of countermeasure costs, it is necessary to research and develop technology that drastically improve the capability for defense and countermeasures against cyber-attacks in companies and other organizations. In a smart world, new data the likes of which has never existed before will be created, going beyond the boundaries of industries and fields. Security will serve the dual roles of "protecting" and "creating" a smart world. With both of these roles in mind, the NTT Group is developing cutting-edge cyber-attack countermeasure technology, as well as secure data distribution and utilization technology. Furthermore, to provide a wellspring of competitive strength that will support these technologies, we are promoting research and development of advanced technologies, looking 10 to 20 years into the future.