Meteorological forecasting and control technology

Meteorological forecasting and control technology

Proactive environmental adaptation with accurate forecasting and control of extreme weather

Current research

Disasters caused by extreme weather such as typhoons and training zones are frequent and life-threatening. However, it is possible to accurately predict them before they occur by using high-precision weather data and high-performance simulation technology. Our ultimate goal is to artificially control the effects of extreme weather.

Short and long-term weather forecasts can be useful for business and private daily life. In addition, we can achieve highly resilient cities by controlling extreme weather by artificial methods, such as lasers, so that it does not affect residential areas and agricultural and industrial areas.

We must first investigate the requirements (data items, collection frequency, data accuracy) for implementing high-definition weather forecasts. In parallel, we will try to make our meteorological forecast model as sophisticated as possible by collaborating with external organizations.

We will utilize this technology to provide meteorological data to the Japan Meteorological Agency and private weather companies, and to build and offer consultation regarding observation systems.

Novel Challenges

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