Space solar power system

Space solar power system

Technology to transmit solar energy gathered in outer space to the earth by means of lasers

Current research

Space solar power system is a technology that transmits solar energy gathered in outer space to the earth by means of lasers.

As a step toward the realization of a sustainable society, we aim to utilize solar energy in outer space, which is an overwhelmingly clean and inexhaustible energy source whose practical applications have become apparent.

To utilize solar energy, we will combine technologies to efficiently convert sunlight into lasers or microwaves in geosynchronous satellite orbits, to transmit beams to the ground without spreading and fluctuations caused by diffraction and atmospheric turbulence, and to efficiently convert high-intensity beams into electric power.

In addition to energy transmission from space, it is expected to be used as a power distribution system for mobile devices such as drones and automobiles, a power distribution system using microgrids, and power supply for remote islands and evacuation centers in the event of a disaster.


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Novel Challenges

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