Wide area satellite IoT application technology

Wide area satellite IoT application technology

Technology to collect data from IoT devices via satellite and and analyze information to respond proactively

Current research

If we could collect data from IoT devices via satellite, we would have access to information about every part of the globe.

Our ultimate goal is a worldwide system that lets detailed data such as atmospheric pressure, seawater temperature, ocean currents and air currents be collected from IoT devices anywhere on Earth via satellites without relying on a specific communication infrastructure.

Some of the requirements that we will need to consider for the IoT sensors are selection in relation to measurement items, weather resistance depending on the installation location, such as on the sea surface or on the ground, communication speed with satellites, communication method according to frequency, antenna design, power consumption, and more. In particular, we will simulate the communication with satellites and proceed with detailed studies.

We will provide meteorological data to the Japan Meteorological Agency and private weather companies, and provide marine and underwater information to those involved in shipping and fishing.

Novel Challenges

NTT Space Environment and Energy Laboratories are looking for researchers and engineers from several fields to help us find new solutions to pressing worldwide issues.