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NTT Secure Platform Laboratories (hereafter NTT SC Labs) are engaged in security-related research and development so customers can use ICT services safely, securely, and conveniently. Specifically, NTT SC Labs' efforts are based on their core competencies in developing the world's most advanced encryption technologies and cyber attack countermeasure technologies. NTT SC Labs' wide-ranging activities include establishing basic theories that provide the foundation of security, developing security products, providing security design and security intelligence, and handling security operation support and incident response.
In the midst of changes in the cyber environment, NTT SC Labs is contributing to the safety and security of the NTT Group's ICT services. We are providing both "defensive security technologies," which protect against cyber attacks of growing sophistication and intensity and against new security threats in new fields, and "offensive security technologies," which create emerging business opportunities by leveraging diverse information.


Shinichi Hirata

Vice President of NTT Secure Platform Laboratories
Shinichi Hirata

NTT Secure Platform Laboratories conducts R&D on security technology that is essential for all people to live safe, self-sufficient, and socially active lives, aimed at realizing the "smart world" that NTT Group is working towards as a whole.

This lab focuses on two important points to contribute to safety and security in a smart world. The first point is "security for protecting a smart world", which protects various networks and systems essential to social activities, as well as the people who use them, from ever more sophisticated and larger scale attacks. The second point is "security for creating a smart world" that realizes safe distribution and utilization of digital data. These two key points are the wheels upon which security R&D moves forward.

As a Center of Excellence in security R&D, this lab leads academic societies and expert communities, and is working on support through consulting activities from the perspective of privacy protection and legal systems, in order to utilize knowledge accumulated in security research at each NTT group company.

NTT Secure Platform Laboratories will continuously produce new results in security R&D, and make every effort to contribute to not only the NTT Group but also to citizens, companies, and nations on all levels of technology.


Here we post the address, map, and access information for Secure Platform Laboratories.

NTT-CERT Annual Cybersecurity Report

This report summarizes cybersecurity trends during fiscal year 2019 along with our related activities at NTT Secure Platform Laboratories.

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