NTT Laboratories

NTT's R&D is managed by the following four laboratory groups in Japan.

Our R&D is undertaken in a variety of technological areas including the innovative communication services on networks, the next-generation information network platform technologies to realize new services, new principles including optical technologies in the world top class, and advanced fundamental researches to produce new device components.

NTT IOWN Integrated Innovation Center

Research and development across technical fields that embody the IOWN concept

  • NTT IOWN Product Design

    Formulation of a development and expansion strategy backcast from market needs and social demands and consistent promotion of technology development, dissemination activities, and implementation support

  • NTT Network Innovation

    Research and development innovative network/access system and network software that supports integration of fixed and mobile network

  • NTT Software Innovation

    Research and development of technologies for an innovative computing platform that will serve as a future social platform, and provision of support for the commercial implementation of these technologies

  • NTT Device Innovation

    Research and development of devices, modules, and sub-systems that will pave the way to new ICT opportunities and to the next-generation network

NTT Service Innovation Laboratory Group

Research and development leading to the creation of communication services

  • NTT Human Informatics

    Human-centric innovative research and development on the new symbiosis between the real world and the cyber world as development of the cyber world rapidly accelerates

  • NTT Social Informatics

    Interdisciplinary research into social values, security, privacy, ethics, laws and regulation, and beyond, toward transformation and development of sophisticated social systems and human societies through ICT

  • NTT Computer and Data Science

    Research on innovative computer science and data science that enables the processing of data that has been difficult to handle in terms of size and complexity and creates useful value for people and society

NTT Information Network Laboratory Group

Research and development of future network infrastructure technologies

NTT Science & Core Technology Laboratory Group

Cutting-edge research and development leading to the creation of new far-sighted principles and conceptsBrochure

  • NTT Network Innovation

    Research and development of innovative communication technologies to establish fundamentals of future networks and their services

  • NTT Device Technology

    Research and development of novel cutting-edge technologies and materials that will create value for people, business and society by combining photonics and electronics

  • NTT Communication Science

    Discovery and creation of new approaches and concepts in intelligent communication, media information, and human science to revolutionize information communication technologies

  • NTT Basic Research

    Discovery of novel concepts in the field of network technology to overcome the present limitations in speed, capacity and size