The Technology for the Link Quality Prediction of Wireless Telecommunication by Using Camera/Sensor InformationNTT Network Innovation Laboratories


    This is the technology to use the location information acquired from the image information collected from cameras and/or sensor information and to model the relationship with the link quality of wireless telecommunication based on the machine learning, estimating the link quality in coming seconds.

    Background and existing issues

    As the wireless communication technology develops, the ones higher than the conventional roles of wireless telecommunication are being required. This technology predicts the link quality of wireless telecommunication in coming one second or longer by using camera and sensor information. It is understood that the link quality prediction in such long period can be used for proactive control such as inter-system handover and terminal behavior control; endeavors have been made for the realization of highly reliable telecommunication systems that can cope with any changes in peripheral environments.

    Advantage of this technology

    • The behavior of peripheral objects and the future of theirs are estimated from the image information and, thus, the estimation of what influence will be made over the link quality of wireless telecommunication is made one second in advance.

    Use Scenes

    • The wireless telecommunication system at a low cost and with high reliability usually to connect to an inexpensive wireless telecommunication system such as a wireless LAN and to connect to LTE and/or 5G only when the link quality degrades
    • The control over the terminal behavior with the link quality as a optimization parameter

    Explanatory chart

    Department in charge

    NTT Network Innovation Laboratories - Frontier Communication Laboratory

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