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Distinguished Researchers Yoji Yamato
  • Distinguished Researchers

    Yoji Yamato

  • Network Service Systems Laboratories

    Research of environment adaptive software

    The research to achive the second software development paradigm shift following Java. To take advantage of advanced hardware (GPU, FPGA, IoT devices, etc), environment adaptive software does not hide hardware, but automatically converts and cofigurates software optimally on the targeted hardware. This is a paradigm shift of environmental adaptation in software development.


    • 2009, Young Researcher's Award, IEICE.
    • 2018, The 33rd Telecom System Technology Award, The Telecommunications Advancement Foundation.
    • 8 other awards, including best papers of International Conferences and technical committees.

    Academic Activities

    • 2018-, Vice Chairman, IEICE Technical Committee on Service Computing, Vice Chairman
    • 2015-2018, Associate Editor, IEICE Transactions on Communications
    • 2018, Program Chair, 11th International Workshop on Autonomous Self-Organizing Networks (ASON'18)
    • 8 other committee memberships, including managing editor, committee members of IEICE.

    Professional Activities

    • Since joining NTT, he has been engaged in research and development in the field of network software. His research interests include Peer-to-Peer network, Service composition, Service Delivery Platform, Cloud computing, IoT, and other topics. He presents 38 academic journal papers and 27 international conference papers as a first author. In recent years, he has achieved technical results in advanced cloud infrastructure on OpenStack, PF for IoT services personalized for each user, automatic GPU offloading for general IoT applications. He dedicates to an environment adaptive software now.



    • Adaptive Software, Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, Service Computing, Software Engineering

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