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Vice President of NTT Network Service Systems Laboratories Yoshikatsu Okazaki

Vice President of NTT Network Service Systems Laboratories
Yoshikatsu Okazaki

Current communication networks provide high reliability, safety, and security as social infrastructure. In addition to meeting these requirements, future networks should promptly provide new functionalities and network services required by various customers by flexibly incorporating accelerating technological innovations. NTT Network Service Systems (NS) Laboratories is researching and developing flexible, safe, and secure future networks and also fostering open innovations in the area of network research.

Our activities include:

  1. (1)"Open innovation strategy in network system development," which enables network systems to be rapidly and cost-effectively developed through in-house assembly of market-available technologies including open-source software (OSS).
  2. (2) "One-stop operation," which enables service providers to offer consolidated services in which different services (e.g. network, cloud, and application services) are flexibly integrated as well as managed in a unified way.
  3. (3)"Flexible transport service platform technologies," which provide transport functions flexibly, smartly, and securely and provide value-added transport functions for applications such as edge-computing.
  4. (4)"Tacit Computing Technology," which aims to create innovative network services in the IoT era overflowing with sensor devices, gadgets, and services.
  5. (5)"Optical transport infrastructure technology," which enables long-distance transport of large-volume traffic reliably while reducing capital and operating expenditures.
  6. (6)In the existing public switched telephone network (PSTN), our tandem/signal transfer switches will approach their limits of useful life. The interconnection between VoIP carrier's network will shift from the connection via the PSTN to the IP based direct interconnection ("IP interconnection").

NTT Network Service Systems Laboratories is researching and developing network systems that will support smart and digitalized societies, pursuing ways to ensure secure and reliable communications and expanding our activities overseas.


  • Network Systems Planning & Innovation Project
    Establishment of future network systems architecture, and related R&D
  • Transport Network Innovation Project
    R&D of an innovative transport network and its fundamental technologies including optical and packet layer control technologies, network virtualization, and optical layer-2 switching
  • Network Service Innovation Project
    R&D of innovative network service infrastructure technology. Technical support of legacy network service nodes. Planning and promotion of standardization
  • Server Network Innovation Project
    R&D of innovative network systems using distributed server architecture
  • Operation Innovation Project
    R&D of network operations aiming to achieve end-to-end operations
  • Transport Service Platform Innovation Project
    R&D of next generation IP service nodes employing technologies for controlling high-performance packet forwarding