R&D activities for 6G/IOWN Network Architecture: Inclusive Core

NTT Network System Laboratories is engaged in research and development of 6G/IOWN Network Architecture: Inclusive Core.

In the era of 6G and IOWN, we can expect to see the integration and coordination of four multifaceted aspects of communication services themselves or environmental changes, such as "cyberspace" and "physical space," "computing" and "network," "analog" and "digital," "mobile communications" and "fixed access communications.
This multifaceted integration and coordination will increase the need for end-to-end and seamless coordination of information processing and information distribution among terminals/devices, networks, and applications, which had been fragmented in communication services using networks prior to 5G.
In particular, the services of Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) and AI-integrated communication, for which expectations have been growing in recent years, must be realized beyond the constraints of the usage environment (cyberspace and real space), terminals, and locations, as well as the constraints of functions.
NTT Network Services Systems Laboratories is engaged in research and development of the "inclusive core" network architecture for the 6G/IOWN era, which will be the backbone for realizing this integration and collaboration, including architecture formulation, standardization, and technology development.

The purpose of this page is to introduce initiatives related to the inclusive core and to disseminate information for partners who conduct joint research and development and technology evaluation. The information on this page will be updated as needed.

●Whitepaper version 1.0[htmlPDF](July 20th, 2023 published)
●Whitepaper version 2.0[htmlPDF](Nov 13th, 2023 published)


Inclusive Core architecture concept