Looking ahead to 2030.
Building an innovative new network for realizing a sustainable society.

In recent years, the evolution of IoT (Internet of Things) has led to an explosion of devices connected to the Internet, and so the amount of data being transmitted on the Internet has also increased dramatically. Due to these factors, we are facing problems such as limitations on the transmission capacity and processing capacity of existing information communication networks, and a tremendous increase in energy consumption by ICT (Information and Communication Technology) related devices. In order to solve these problems we are engaged in research and development to reform ICT systems, overcome the limitations of existing technology and the barrier of power consumption, and realize an innovative network infrastructure that will support the society of the future.

Specifically, we will enable innovative ultra-high capacity and ultra-low latency communications by converting all wireless and wired information transmission and relay processing to a photonics base, covering all devices connected to the network. We are also developing technology that maximizes the potential of the network, as well as value chain technology in which the network itself predicts resource demand for changing services and businesses and optimizes autonomously and elastically by flexibly and centrally controlling all ICT resources, so it can respond to diverse needs in a timely manner. Furthermore, we are engaged in research and development of information and communication networks, as well as space environment and energy technology in order to realize a sustainable society.