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Our mission goals are "Hyper Photonic," "Frontier Wireless," and "Intelligent Photonic." "Hyper Photonic" challenges the extreme limit of optical communication. "Frontier Wireless" explores broadening the potential of wireless communications. And "Intelligent Photonic" makes maximum use of upcoming broadband communication infrastructures. We continue to challenge the infinite possibilities of "networks" with our outstanding core of excellence, and so solve social issues and create new industries.

NTT Network Innovation Laboratories


Vice President of NTT Network Innovation Laboratories Shigeru Iwashina

Vice President of NTT Network Innovation Laboratories
Shigeru Iwashina

The NTT Group has continued to provide trusted network services in the rapidly evolving communications field, supported by outstanding network technologies and a sure vision. One aim of NTT is to provide network services that resonate with the daily life of our customers. To that end, our laboratories are working hard on developing new underlying technologies. I am proud of the role the Network Innovation Laboratories have played in developing revolutionary optical, wireless, and Internet technologies over the years that have helped make the Japanese life style one of the world's most advanced.

Today, Japanese society is at a critical juncture, as the population has started to shrink with the declining birth rate. As the world watches expectantly, the Network Innovation Laboratories hope to be a major source of new infrastructure technologies and services, in collaboration not only with other NTT laboratories but also with many of the world's leading companies and organizations.

In order to create outstanding technologies and ideas meeting the world's expectations, we are committed to raising the value of NTT and the laboratories, NTT is committed to the pursuit of excellence for which we depend on comprehensive alliances and your support.


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