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Our mission goals are "Hyper Photonic," "Frontier Wireless," and "Intelligent Photonic." "Hyper Photonic" challenges the extreme limit of optical communication. "Frontier Wireless" explores broadening the potential of wireless communications. And "Intelligent Photonic" makes maximum use of upcoming broadband communication infrastructures. We continue to challenge the infinite possibilities of "networks" with our outstanding core of excellence, and so solve social issues and create new industries.

NTT Network Innovation Laboratories


Vice President, Head of NTT Network Innovation Laboratories Kazunori Akabane

Vice President, Head of NTT Network Innovation Laboratories
Kazunori Akabane

In NTT Network Innovation Laboratories, we are taking on the challenge of dramatically improving the performance of communications technology and developing new application areas, aiming to create the world's first research results and top records that exceed common sense, and to create new value by returning research results to society.

With the remarkable progress of ICT technology in recent years, people and all kinds of things around the world are becoming connected to networks, and the amount of data traffic through the networks continues to grow exponentially, due in part to cyber-physical convergence and the spread of high-definition video. Moreover, the evolution of devices and hardware has created new applications, and in addition to the traditional requirements for networks such as high speed and capacity, new technical requirements are required for networks such as low latency, high reliability, and coverage extension.

In order for networks to continue to be utilized as the social infrastructure essential to people's lives in the coming era, we believe that innovative research and development is necessary to break the performance limits that have been considered common sense in optical and wireless communications and to make network use even more convenient.

For the development and transformation of humanity and society at a time when the use of such networks is undergoing a transformation, we will take on the challenge of realizing a service and society that were previously impossible, through our world-class transmission technology and networking technology.


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