Realizing a world where cyber space and real space are fully integrated

Thanks to the remarkable evolution of ICT technology, it is expected that in the future human behavior and environments in the real world will be reproduced in cyber space, and the future will be predicted using more sophisticated simulations. In a world where the real world and virtual world are fully integrated, it will be necessary to realize a world where everyone can benefit from ICT services regardless of whether or not they are literate or the circumstances they grew up in.

In order to realize such a world, we are conducting research and development of various technologies. This includes technology that uses more advanced sensing and information collection in real space to digitize and model people, things, and their environments in real time, then provide the digitized models as feedback. It also includes technology that provides information in a way that is easy for people to access, as well as technology that utilizes information which cannot be perceived by humans, and naturally supports human activities without disturbing the surrounding environment.

Value creation by overcoming spatial barriers

On example of the many different advanced technologies that NTT group is working on is "Kirari! Ultra-realistic Communication Technology". "Kirari!" can transmit people and spaces to remote places over vast distances in real time. By using advanced media control / processing and synchronization technology on information extracted from various devices, it is possible to experience sports matches without going to the field, or have performers participate at a performance venue from remote locations. In the smart world due to arrive in the near future (Society 5.0), "Kirari!" will make it possible to overcome spatial barriers by fully integrating cyber space and physical space. The NTT Group will continue to conduct research and development of advanced technologies for creating new value that will changed the world.