Themes of exhibition|NTT R&D FORUM 2023 — IOWN ACCELERATION

Themes of exhibition

The R&D FORUM 2023 featured three timelines (IOWN Now, IOWN Evolution, and IOWN Future) according to the maturity of the technology, as well as a section (IOWN Pick Up) featuring the NTT version of LLM "tsuzumi" and related technologies. We also classified the exhibits into the following 18 themes, which presented the steady progress of technologies in each area.

Large Language Model "tsuzumi"

NTT, the world's leading company in the field of language processing research, will unveil NTT's version of LLM at this R&D Forum, bringing together the best of its technologies.

List of IOWN Pick UP exhibits

APN(All-Photonics Network)

We will introduce new use cases using APN IOWN 1.0, which is now available.

Next-Generation Computing Infrastructure

We will introduce the progress of next-generation computing infrastructure for IOWN 2.0.

Device Technologies for Accelerating IOWN

We will introduce Photonics-Electronics Convergence Devices and a variety of advanced devices for accelerating the APN.

List of IOWN Future exhibits

On-Demand Type All-Photonics NetworkTheme Board

On-demand optical paths enable ultra-realistic video transmission and ultra-high speed data transmission, contributing to deployment of the APN into social infrastructure.

Network Operations, Robust NetworkTheme Board

We will introduce operational technologies that are robust to failures, disasters, fluctuations in power supply and demand, etc. for ICT resources such as NWs.

Smart InfrastructureTheme Board

We contribute to achieving sustainable management of social infrastructures by sharing data, manpower, and technologies.

Fusion and Cooperation by Network EvolutionTheme Board

Toward the 6G generation, we will enable real-time, remote-world futuristic services by coordinating and optimally controlling all terminals/networks (NWs)/services.

New Value Creation in Wireless NetworkTheme Board

We will create wireless network services that meet extreme requirements, integrate advanced multiple wireless access networks, and generate needs for new use cases.

Well-being・Lifelong Health SupportTheme Board

We will contribute to the well-being of people and society through Bio Digital Twins, which predict people's future physical condition and Social Well-being, which supports a better way of being for individuals and groups.

Smart City that Enables Overall OptimizationTheme Board

We will introduce urban development that creates high levels of value by chaining artificial intelligence and value creation with mobility and service robots using a 4D digital platform.

Data-Governance Technologies for Sustainable BusinessTheme Board

We will introduce our efforts using state-of-the-art cryptography and software-management techniques.

Technology that Supports Individuals with Information from Their Brains and BodiesTheme Board

Using brain and body information, we can see things that were previously invisible. We support the solution of diverse individual issues with the latest technology that uses all types of biometric information.

Project Metaverse - Fusion of Real and Virtual -Theme Board

We will introduce our efforts to recreate and expand the "place" and create an experience that transcends reality.

List of IOWN Evolution exhibits

Information-Processing Technology to Enrich Society

We challenge the information processing infrastructure that contributes to the rapid and efficient resolution of social issues, as well as the device technologies necessary to achieve this.

Sustainable Technology to Nurture the Earth

We are developing environment, energy, and space technologies to nurture a safe, comfortable, and sustainable earth.

Medical, Healthcare, and Human-Augmentation Technologies to empower People

We will promote research on medical, healthcare, and human augmentation technologies to enable people to be active and vibrant.

Network Technologies Supporting Future Information Distribution

We challenge innovative network technologies to support various information distribution in the future and enable rich communication.

List of IOWN Future exhibits