Pre-registration is scheduled for mid-October. ( free )

The forum will introduce the latest results of NTT Group R&D activities in an easy-to-understand manner through lectures and exhibits. There will also be an introduction of concrete systems and examples of commercial services for the Innovative Optical and Wireless Network (IOWN) Concept NTT proposed in 2019, as well as our cutting-edge research and development initiatives, going forward.

We will introduce the latest research findings and technologies along three timelines.

  • IOWN Now

    We will introduce concrete systems and examples of initiatives for "IOWN available now."
  • IOWN Evolution

    We will introduce the Smart Society/Smart World envisioned through IOWN by 2030, focusing on specific use cases.
  • IOWN Future

    We will feature NTT's unparalleled R&D capabilities to deliver "the world's best and the world's first," which serve as the basis for further evolution of the IOWN concept.


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Event Overview

  • Date and time

    November 16-18, 2022


    Virtual Business Conference


    Free (registration required)