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Exhibit List


Use case of surgical robot using IOWN APN

Solve the problem of surgeon decreasing by surgical robot and APN


Open and disaggregated transponder and its interface control

Cloud-native, open-IF compatible transponder for IOWN era


E-sports quality video transmission on latency managed network for remote gaming

A new cloud gaming UX at multiple locations anywhere in Japan


Photonic and electronic device technology for the All-Photonics Network (APN)

Key devices for large-capacity optical paths in the IOWN era


Ultra-low-latency and long-distance 8K-video transmission with scalability

Highest-quality video communication regardless of distance

N-E01IOWN Evolution

Smart vLive®

Live streaming with sub-second latency

N-E02IOWN Evolution

Inclusive Core: Network architecture in the era of 6G/IOWN

Mediated communications provides advanced services anytime, anywhere

N-E03IOWN Evolution

Space integrated computing network

Connecting space and earth with IOWN technologies

N-E04IOWN Evolution

Wireless large capacity using high-frequency band

For high-speed wireless communication using high-frequency band

N-E05IOWN Evolution

Extreme NaaS

Provides optimal radio quality in complex and changing environments

N-E06IOWN Evolution

Toward the realization of 100 Gbps communications

Achieves ultra-high-speed communications exceeding 100 Gbps with 6G

N-E07IOWN Evolution

High frequency communication area deployment technology

We provide high frequency communication areas without coverage holes

N-E08IOWN Evolution

Underwater acoustic communication using spatio-temporal equalization

Underwater wireless network for wireless remotely operated vehicle

N-E09IOWN Evolution

Network provisioning technologies in extreme coverage extension era

Easier operation and design of networks including flying base stations

N-E10IOWN Evolution

Cognitive foundation for solving various social issues

Recognize various needs and optimally connect ICT resources

N-E11IOWN Evolution

Ultra-low latency video split display processing for remote communication

Remote ensemble, cheering and operation without stress of video delay

N-E12IOWN Evolution

All-Photonics Network enabling dynamic end-to-end lambda connection

APN exploiting new service, rich and dynamic data exchange

N-E13IOWN Evolution


Study of manufacturing for high-performance optical devices

N-E14IOWN Evolution

Traffic monitoring with HWA for cloud and on-premise integrated environments

Identify failures that in integrated networks with centralized monitor

N-E15IOWN Evolution

Assurance AI for zero-touch operation (ZTO)

Assurance operation is fully automated with high-precision AI

N-E16IOWN Evolution

Self-evolving NW-AI framework using autonomous and transfer learning

Powerful NW-AI grows with autonomous generation/learning of failures

N-E17IOWN Evolution

Optical fiber environmental monitoring

We use environment information from optical fiber network

N-E18IOWN Evolution

Assist technology for designing concatenated loop topology

Digital transformation of designing work with assist tool

N-E19IOWN Evolution

Throughput-estimation-based quality-control technology for video streaming

Provide comfortable service by achieving non-stop video streaming

N-F01IOWN Future

Wireless link quality prediction technology using physical space information such as motion and point cloud data

Predict future wireless link quality using physical space information

N-F02IOWN Future

OAM-MIMO multiplexing transmission technology

Terabit-class wireless transmission toward 6G/IOWN era

N-F03IOWN Future

Wave manipulation technology using Multishape Radio

Flexible wireless space with interference-free area control

N-F04IOWN Future

Free space optical communication using wavefront compensation

Free space optical communication for high-speed secure communication


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Remote-audience video-synchronization method for two-way online live events

Cheering in cooperation with remote audiences heats the venue

X-E01IOWN Evolution

Real-time streaming with motion capture

Our system enables live streaming of the performer's movements

X-E02IOWN Evolution

Free Viewpoint Video: Volumetric video streaming

Immersive and smooth 3D video streaming experience through network

X-E03IOWN Evolution

Personalized Sound Zone

Delivering select sounds to those who want to hear

X-E04IOWN Evolution


Over 2025 Digital Cliff: ProcessCity visualized into system usage

X-F01IOWN Future

Metaverse in IOWN era

We enhance the quality of connection by fusing the real and cyber

X-F02IOWN Future

Remote World

Fusion of spatio-temporality, bodily sensing, and emotion

X-F03IOWN Future

Project Humanity

Accommodating people's diverse humanities

X-F04IOWN Future

Emotional perception control technology to create emotional experiences

Amplify and resonate emotions even in remote environments

X-F05IOWN Future

Motor-skill transfer technology: Transferring knacks via sensory stimulation

Directly transferring motor skills to bodies via sensory stimulation


Exhibit List


Innovative security technologies that make the supply chain transparent

Dramatically reduce supply chain security risks through collaboration


Secure statistical processing for cross-organizational data utilization

Create a chain of new value without disclosing data


Secure optical transport network for quantum computer age

High-performance optical transport with crypto agility


Cutting-edge technologies to drive the evolution of managed security services

Protect customers from increasingly complex and sophisticated attacks

S-E01IOWN Evolution

Verification of AI's identity by its profile

Enable a use of changing AI with confidence by verifying its identity

S-E02IOWN Evolution

Osaifu-keitai supports hands-free features

Osaifu-keitai can be used without having to hold up the smartphone

S-F01IOWN Future

Photonic cryptographic circuit technology consisting of photonic logic gates

Security operations with optical logic gate ensure safety of computing


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Virtual Data Lake for convenient, fast, and secure data sharing

Realize a data-driven society with data sharing across organizations


White-box server technology for IOWN Smart City

Improve power efficiency by optimally configuring accelerators


Method of detecting deterioration in social infrastructure by image recognition

Simultaneous inspection of various facilities to reduce operations


Business-improvement support technology

This technology can improve operations without the specialized skills


Technology of supporting document writing powered by MediaGnosis®

Revise a document and generate feedback comments on errors


Next-generation speech processing technologies to support MediaGnosis®

AI provides deep understanding of human speech in various situations


Compact real-time speech recognition technology on smartwatches

Speech throughout the day can be transcribed and logged on smartwatch

A-E01IOWN Evolution

Future world achieved through IOWN devices

Providing leeway and awareness with IOWN devices and personalized AI

A-E02IOWN Evolution

Map integration/conversion technology for sharing maps between robots

Map for robots you can use anytime anywhere

A-E03IOWN Evolution

4D digital platform™

Integrate sensing data in real time with highly precise

A-E04IOWN Evolution

Urban DTC to realize a chained smart city

The overall optimization of multiple services within a city block

A-E05IOWN Evolution

Multi-modal Voice Activity Detection

Microphone mute control based on the movement of the mouth

A-E06IOWN Evolution

High-definition video AI Inference PoC system

It detects a wide range of objects with one camera at once

A-E07IOWN Evolution

A real-time translation technology to break language barrier for business

AI translates conversations talking while thinking in a readable way

A-E08IOWN Evolution

Intent extraction technology

Naturally identify users' requirements and provide appropriate service

A-E09IOWN Evolution

Power-supply and demand optimization technology for smart energy business

Stable supply of renewable energy through advanced prediction tech

A-E10IOWN Evolution

Compressive spectral imaging with a metalens and AI

Capture spectral information in real time with a simple camera

A-E11IOWN Evolution

Fast sparse modeling for ultra high dimensional data

Acceleration of important feature selection in IoT big data

A-E12IOWN Evolution

Contextual behavior analysis for improving online customer experience

Make valuable propositions by predicting customer behavior in context

A-E13IOWN Evolution

Facial-expression and gesture transformation to convey emotions

Making it easier to understand the other person's emotions

A-E14IOWN Evolution

Object detection and polygonization technology from spatial information

Digitize urban space to understand the structure and transformation

A-E15IOWN Evolution

Exploring future society: the virtual city space generation technology

Generating virtual city with simulators to discover comfortable city

A-E16IOWN Evolution

Applied neuroscience technology for mind-to-mind communication

Make the brain information visible and connect each other's mind

A-E17IOWN Evolution

Visual question answering for understanding diverse visually-rich documents

AI finds the information you want to know from scanned documents

A-E18IOWN Evolution

Building low latency and high efficiency area management with RDMA over APN

Faster and more efficient video AI analysis by lower process delay

A-E19IOWN Evolution

Optimizing distribution based on supply and demand information in advance

Optimize distribution costs and reduce CO₂ emissions and waste losses

A-E20IOWN Evolution

Technologies to bring Another Me® into reality

Expand various possibilities by having an alter-ego with you

A-F01IOWN Future

Signal-free mobility: a distributed traffic coordination without traffic signals

Smart traffic coordination using learnable digital twin

A-F02IOWN Future

Present bias estimation and its application to behavior modification for health

Prevent failures caused by present bias and support goal achievement


Environment and Energy
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E-E01IOWN Evolution

Green software to reduce GHG emissions during its development and operation

Visualization tech of software GHG emission for carbon neutrality

E-E02IOWN Evolution

Semiconductor laser diode for carbon dioxide gas sensing

Precise measurement of CO₂ gas properties using semiconductor laser

E-E03IOWN Evolution

Virtual energy demand/supply control technology

Realize local production for local consumption of energy

E-E04IOWN Evolution

Vehicle routing technology -Use for supplying electricity to outage facilities-

Accurate triage and fast planning reduce the service impact

E-F01IOWN Future

Lightning control and charging technology

Protects cities from lightning strikes with lightning-resistant drones

E-F02IOWN Future

Biological conversion technology to reduce CO₂ in the ocean

Reduce the CO₂ amount in the ocean by enhancing the carbon cycle

E-F03IOWN Future

Cosmic-ray barrier and evaluation technology

Humanity can safely advance into space

E-F04IOWN Future

Global environmental futures forecasting technology for super resilient society

Forecasting the future of the global environment

E-F05IOWN Future

Space solar power system

It transmits stable solar energy from space to the earth

E-F06IOWN Future

Environmental social circulation simulation technology for a sustainable earth

We provide a means for policy makers to experiment on the future


Basic Research
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B-E01IOWN Evolution

EASE Environmental configuration technology autonomously supports activities

EASE will realize a society where digital tech is close to people

B-E02IOWN Evolution

Social Well-being to enhance Employee Experience and create Customer Experience

Self-as-We balances well-being and outcomes in groups

B-F01IOWN Future

Assessing one's physical performance through mobile sensing and bioinformatics

Provide personalized rehab menu and support one's active and safe life

B-F02IOWN Future

Micro-/nano-scale biointerfaces for biosignal recording and manipulation

Biointerfaces enable high accuracy in Biodigital Twin tech

B-F03IOWN Future

Physical Neural Network: A general way to get a physical system to intelligence

Smart sensors, and low-power, large-scale artificial intelligence

B-F04IOWN Future

Equilibrium optimization of congestion games for efficient infrastructures

Toward uncongested infrastructures under user-equality

B-F05IOWN Future

Progress in Sports Brain Science Project

Elucidating and enhancing athletic implicit brain functions using ICT

B-F06IOWN Future

High quality quantum light source for large-scale quantum computers

Realization of practical rack-mountable large-scale quantum computers

B-F07IOWN Future

Telecom-band nanowire lasers operating at room temperature

Integration of tiny laser light sources becomes possible

B-F08IOWN Future

The world's first demonstration of aluminum nitride transistor

Advancing toward power devices contributing to carbon neutrality

B-F09IOWN Future

Topological quantum technology based on fractional quasiparticles

Toward fault-tolerant quantum computation

B-F10IOWN Future

Natural wearable bio-signal measurement technology for everyday health

We aim to measure ECG for everyday use without awareness of wearing