Revitalizing the Global Environment and Realizing a Sustainable, Inclusive Society

One of the major issues facing our planet in the 21st century is the creation of a low-carbon, environmentally sustainable society. In fact, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted at the United Nations Summit of September 2015 and management based on environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) have been attracting attention across the globe. Various countries are aiming to achieve a variety of goals for sustainable development by 2030, including the eradication of poverty and hunger, initiatives to address the issues of energy and climate change, and the pursuit of a peaceful society.

At NTT, we are taking a two-pronged approach to solving these global issues. The first part is the research and development of cutting-edge technologies to help achieve zero environmental impact. This is broken down into the following research themes: "next-generation energy technology" such as nuclear fusion and the generation of space solar power; "energy network technology" which aims for the total optimization of energy distribution; and "sustainable systems," which help reduce the load on the environment and realize a more inclusive society.
The other part of the approach involves flexible, resilient technologies that enable environmental adaptation. These are largely in the risk-management field, and can be broken down into "ESG management science and technology" and "proactive environment adaptation technology." We are promoting better integrated ESG management, as well as researching and developing technologies for proactive environment adaptation; these technologies are based on predictions of the future, and should allow us to respond to things like the major disasters caused by increasingly extreme weather in recent years, and crises such as pandemics.

We wanted to look again at earth within the greater environment of space, which includes the sun, and approach environmental revitalization and adaptation from a dynamic perspective, so on July 1, 2020, we established the new NTT Space Environment and Energy Laboratories, where we continue to forge ahead with R&D in these areas.

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