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NTT Device Technology Laboratories consists of three labs engaged in research and development on device technology that will create new developments and major impacts on businesses and society. The Social Device Technology Lab creates new value that contributes to solving social issues by utilizing knowledge cultivated in the communications field. The Photonics-Electronics Convergence Lab researches and develops information processing and communication device technology that overcomes barriers by pursuing and integrating photonic technology and electronic technology. The Materials and Devices Lab researches fusion and integration of different materials to create paradigm changing devices. With the world's best and world's first, most amazing R&D, we will contribute to the realization of a more comfortable, safe, and secure future.


Hirokazu Takenouchi

Vice President, Head of NTT Device Technology Laboratories
Hirokazu Takenouchi

to create values for the future that will realize a safe, secure and sustainable society.

NTT Device Technology Laboratories are promoting research and development, and our mission is to tackle social issues and create values for the future that will realize a safe, secure and sustainable society. We will accomplish our mission by creating advanced and cutting-edge technologies that will lead to competitiveness and collaboration by overcoming existing concepts and thinking outside the box.

Our core competence lies in the fields of photonics, electronics, material science, and bioscience, and we are undertaking work in three major technological areas. These areas are the advancement of information and communication technology for the further development of an information sharing society, sustainable technology related to infrastructure and the environment, and healthcare technology designed to guarantee safe and secure everyday life.

In recent years, everything has been digitized. However, when considering approaches to creative activities, we believe both digital and analog techniques to be important, since the latter captures things as they are and views them as a whole. By moving between digital and analog approaches according to the circumstances we encounter, we will do our best to transform our R&D technologies and equip them with new values by combining the features of digital and analog techniques. In addition, we will actively collaborate with those working in the same and different industries and by our joint efforts create values that will contribute to the realization of a society in which people can live comfortably.



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