4D digital platform™ enables the construction of future predictions

In recent years, the remarkable advancement in IT technology enables the collection of large volume of IoT data and their analysis.

Accordingly, the Government and various companies are engaged in the research and development with the aim of achieving systems that merge of cyber and physical space, such as proposed in the Society 5.0.

However, in the linkage of sets of statistical data or the matching of misaligned position and time data, there are cases in which the accuracy of future predictions cannot be heightened.

In order to tackle this challenge, we have undertaken the research and development of a 4D digital platform™, making it possible to precisely integrate position and time information from sensing data in real-time, while also providing latitude, longitude, height and time data useful in future predictions.

We aim to accurately digitalize the real world in a cyber space, and enable fusion with various industries' data and the construction of future predictions for contributing the resolution of social issues and the creation of value.

The future with 4D digital platform™

4D digital platform™ integrates sensing data in real time into the Advanced Geospatial Information Database with its highly precise and abundant semantic information, and performs a variety of high-speed analysis and future prediction.

By combining with various IoT data, it can offer various values such as increasing smoothness of road traffic flow, improving ease of use of urban assets, and enabling cooperative maintenance of social infrastructures.

As a cross-industry platform supporting people's lives, and as the one of the key elements of Digital Twin Computing, a part of NTT's IOWN initiative, we intend to leverage NTT R&D and NTT Group technologies and assets toward sequential commercialization beginning in FY2021, with future expansion through ongoing R&D efforts.

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