Recruitment information of NTT Software Innovation Center

We strive to create an environment which supports the Center staff’s R&D and various ways of working.

Latest R&D Environment

Latest R&D Environment

The staff themselves can select the latest IT environment, such as PCs and servers required for their R&D. They can also use cloud services and/or purchase technical books needed for setting up the working environment.

Flexible working system

Flexible working system

A variety of working systems are put in place including the discretionary working system in which the staff themselves can decide on how to proceed with their jobs and working schedule. The Center also promotes work-from-home jobs or teleworking, allowing you to work in a way suited to you.

Activities in various industrial fields

Activities in various industrial fields

We encourage the staff to contribute to, and make a presentations in, top conferences in and outside Japan as well as to participate in and present lectures in OSS Community. We accelerate open innovation through activities in various industrial fields while pursuing our own growth.

What attracts you to working at SIC?

Kei Ohmura

I’d like to take on a challenge because it is truly difficult.
Research to deliver things that are useful in society.

Kei Ohmura
Research Engineer
Cloud System SE Project
(As of November, 2018)

New graduate recruitment

While NTT Software Innovation Center makes efforts on R&D of cloud container technologies to support the IT services, AI processing platform technologies for sophisticated implementation environments of AI, IoT processing platform technologies to handle tremendous volume of data generated by IoT, we are promoting the research of software engineering for effective development, improvement and maintenance of software and advanced processing platforms and algorithm to achieve sophisticated data analyses. We also aggressively promote our contribution to the open source software to advance the open innovation.
those technologies but expanding created technologies to actual business sites, and have a broad view and high technical sensitivity.
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Career recruitment

We are looking for applicants who have experienced a wide variety of technologies regarding cloud container technologies, AI processing platform technologies, machine learning and deep learning algorithm, processing platform technologies for big data including IoT, and software engineering.
Applicants who have, in particular, experienced the open source software and are capable of it are welcomed to apply by all means.
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