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NTT Software Innovation Center will not only proactively contribute to the open source community but undertake promoting the research and development by the open innovation and create innovative software platforms and computing platform technologies to support the evolution of the IoT/AI service as a professional group on IT. We will also contribute to reduction of CAPEX/OPEX for IT or strategic utilization of IT, using the accumulated technologies and know-hows regarding software development and operation.


Vice President, Head of NTT Software Innovation Center >Fumikazu Konishi

Vice President, Head of NTT Software Innovation Center
Fumikazu Konishi

The main mission of NTT Software Innovation Center is to build computing systems that support various services and applications through the power of software.

As our organization is called a "Center" instead of a "Laboratories," we place importance on the practical use of technologies. Moreover, as suggested by "Software Innovation," we aim to transform the world through the power of software.

In the field of software engineering, we are working on the development of human resources who can respond to software development methods suitable for each particular system, such as waterfall and agile, and on the research of software development frameworks and development methodologies. As a result of these efforts, we have achieved results such as papers being accepted at top-level international conferences. One of our most distinctive activities is open source development, and we have major developers of the world's leading open source software (OSS). As a member of NTT Software Innovation Center, "OSS Center" is a group of engineers who support the NTT Group's use of OSS.

By utilizing our software engineering technologies and open source software, we aim to benefit the world by creating useful computing systems, such as high-speed and advanced data processing systems. To truly contribute to society, it is necessary to think broadly about "software," including how to leverage hardware and how to create value from the perspective of users, rather than thinking about software in a narrow sense. We will take on the challenge of transforming the world by creating new value, with people from not only within NTT R&D but also around the world.


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