ECO Laser technology

ECO Laser technology

Creating a system to make environmentally harmful substances less harmful with the use of laser technology

Current research

ECO Laser technology is used to reduce the environmental burden of harmful substances.

By applying laser technology to the fields of processing and dismantling harmful substances and waste, our goal is to create a laser application system that can reduce their environmental load.

We work on the development of laser application systems that can be used for processing and disassembling all kinds of substances by converting lasers into the most suitable shapes and densities.

This technology will be used for reducing waste when dismantling factories, buildings, and houses, operations which are expected to increase in frequency in the future, as well as removing debris and airborne dust in the event of a disaster.

Novel Challenges

NTT Space Environment and Energy Laboratories are looking for researchers and engineers from several fields to help us find new solutions to pressing worldwide issues.