ESG Management Science

ESG Management Science

ESG management based on scientific analysis and simulation prediction of climate change and social phenomena

Current research

ESG Management Science is a technology for more effective ESG management through scientific analysis, simulation, and prediction of climate change and social phenomena.

We aim to improve corporate value by developing ESG management strategies based on scientific evidence by making full use of prediction simulations.

We develop evaluation indexes and methods to measure environmental and social impact and perform the related data analysis and business risk analysis. We are also researching and developing simulation technology and scenario prediction technology which takes into account the relationship between the environmental and social impact of business decisions and corporate value (income, stock prices, etc.).

By establishing ESG management science practices, we can contribute to strengthening the engagement of companies with social and environmental issues. In addition to contributing to the ESG management of the NTT Group, we will also support companies, the construction of disaster risk analysis systems, and catastrophe-resilient smart cities.

Novel Challenges

NTT Space Environment and Energy Laboratories are looking for researchers and engineers from several fields to help us find new solutions to pressing worldwide issues.