Artificial CO2 conversion technology

Artificial CO2 conversion technology

Creating a system that converts carbon dioxide into other substances using naturally derived energy

Current research

Artificial CO2 conversion is a technology that uses naturally derived energy to convert carbon dioxide into another substance.

Our goal is to reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere at low cost and efficiently by utilizing natural materials and energy.

In order to achieve this, we use theoretical calculations and simulations of the physical properties and chemical reactions of matter, aiming to design and develop a cheap and efficient system for CO2 conversion.

The projected future population growth is expected to result in a food crisis. Applying this system to agriculture, for example to food plants, would allow us to mitigate the effects of this crisis by increasing food production. Furthermore, it could help alleviate climate change, bringing green back to the dry areas and deserts which are projected to expand if action is not taken.

Novel Challenges

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