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About Us


NTT carries out basic research and development activities at three laboratory groups including some of the most advanced ICT research in the world. NTT Science and Core Technology Laboratory Group holds a global perspective as research into cutting-edge components, materials, and systems.
The four Laboratories of NTT Science and Core Technology Laboratory Group are undertaking R&D in the three research areas. These areas are futuristic commun ications and networks, photonic technology and ubiquitous technology, and science, respectively.

Chart: Research Areas & Flow of Science and Core Technology Laboratory Group



Senior Vice President, Head of NTT Science and Core Technology Laboratory Group
Akira Okada

NTT Science and Core Technology Laboratory Group is promoting information processing and communication technologies, sustainable technologies, human science and biotechnology, and basic research that supports these technologies for a sustainable, safe, and secure society that embraces diversity.
Our Laboratory Group comprises four laboratories and covers a wide range of technology fields. We try to understand things deeply, think outside the box, and create the most advanced technology in the world.

NTT Network Innovation Laboratories:
Pioneers technologies toward new communication paradigms for diverse frequency bands and media.
NTT Device Technology Laboratories:
Develops next-generation communication, information processing infrastructure, and technologies for a sustainable society and enriched life.
NTT Communication Science Research Laboratories:
Pursues media, information processing, and human science that bring about social change by getting to the essence of people and information.
NTT Basic Research Laboratories:
Creates new principles and concepts that break the barriers of existing technologies and search for the seeds of future core technologies.

The cutting-edge technologies created in our laboratory group can be likened to stones with irregular shapes and rough surfaces. They are all different and unique and may possess great value in their own way, but people are unlikely to pick them up because they are unattractive on the outside.
When one of these stones tumbles down a river and collides with other rocks, though it may take time, its surface becomes smooth, and it eventually becomes a shiny and beautiful stone. Now, someone will find it attractive and pick it up. Likewise, it takes time and effort before cutting-edge technology can be used in society.
In another case, when building a structure such as a stone wall, we need to process the surface of our irregularly shaped stones to fit the surrounding stones.
Though our cutting-edge technology has the potential to create high value, it requires extensive polishing (refining) and processing (adjustment) to become a suitable form that benefits society.
We cannot do this polishing and processing by ourselves--collaborating with outside organizations is crucial. By combining our "rugged stones" and your technology, we hope to work together to create a sustainable, safe, and secure society that embraces diversity, which is the IOWN's aim.


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