What is the IOWN Initiative?

What is the IOWN Initiative?

The IOWN (Innovative Optical and Wireless Network) is an initiative for networks and information processing infrastructure including terminals that can provide high-speed, high-capacity communication utilizing innovative technology focused on optics, as well as tremendous computational resources. This is done in order to overcome the limitations of existing infrastructure with innovative technologies, optimize the individual with the whole based on all available information, and create a rich society that is tolerant of diversity. We have started R&D with the aim of finalizing specifications in 2024 and realizing the initiative in 2030.

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A technology development roadmap to the realization of IOWN

A technology development roadmap
to the realization of IOWN

In order to realize IOWN, we will craft a concrete technology roadmap and promote technological development.
Following this roadmap, we will accelerate creation of a natural cyber space in the era of the Smart World by incorporating data-centric computing technology, disaggregated computing technology, and other such technologies into IOWN.

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IOWN Global Forum
a collaboration between many different companies

NTT, Intel, and Sony have established a new industry forum titled "IOWN Global Forum, Inc. " (IOWN GF).
The purpose of IOWN GF is to meet demand for data and information processing in the coming age. In order to do so, we will promote the realization of a new communication platform consisting of the All-Photonics Network, which includes silicon photonics, edge computing, and wireless distributed computing, through the development of new technologies, frameworks, technical specifications, and designs.


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