Co-Innovation Promotion Project

In order to create new services based on the needs of operating companies and market trends, we are working to promote stronger organizational and strategic collaboration with universities aimed at promoting commercialization of technology developed at our laboratories and conducting research and development in response to the needs of the diversifying society in the future.

2020 Epoch-making Project

At the upcoming Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games, we aim to provide a new sports viewing experience and entertainment experience by concentrating on the ultra-realistic communication technology and UI/UX technology developed at our laboratories. We also aim to share the excitement of sports with people who have disabilities, and create a sports viewing style that will be the standard in the future.

Data&Business Translation Research Project

In order to realize a Smart World, we are working with operating companies and partner companies to design and implement value-adding methods based on domain knowledge in the industrial domains of cities, public works, health, retail, transportation, and agriculture.

Innovative Service Research Project

In order to create services that transform people's societal activities and lifestyles, and that contributes to the further promotion of B2B2X, we explore everyday real issues and potential needs through an approach combining the humanities, sociology, and engineering. We incorporate this in the research and development of new media processing technology, data modeling technology, robotics technology, service design technology, and more.

Cybernetic Intelligence Research Project

We are working to create essential value in future society through creation of new intelligent processing technology that will guide us to the optimal future based on an understanding of human thinking and action principles, and through research and development aimed at creating chain reactions and resonance between people by expanding their physical and social abilities.

Planning Section