Social Device Technology Laboratory

Our mission is to research and develop social device technologies that will revolutionize the user experience and overcome social challenges predicted from social trends.


We aim to overcome social issues by achieving predictive information sensing with sensor devices that predicts incidents including events and crisis situations, and prevent situations from deteriorating or degrading.

Biosensing Technology Research Group

With the aim of realizing smart healthcare--technology that enables anyone, anytime and anywhere, to benefit from health maintenance and lifestyle improvement through the fusion of sensed vital information and the internet of things-- we conduct research and development of biosensing technology while predicting the demands it must meet to solve future social issues related to medical care and healthcare.

Advanced Infrastructure Maintenance Technology Research Group

With the aim of improving maintenance efficiency for higher economic efficiency without compromising the safety of infrastructure facilities, including telecommunications infrastructure, we carry out research and development for the "visualization" of infrastructure states that cannot be checked by visual inspection. For "visualization", we investigate technology to predict material degradation through the correct understanding of material degradation phenomena and the pursuit of analytical technology, as well as through the honing of sensing technology and the use of machine learning to detect facilities and structures.

Green Material and Device Research Group

With the aim of creating green materials and device technologies that will contribute to fundamental solutions to global environmental problems, we are engaged in research and development of a "Return-to-the-Earth Battery" that is oriented toward disposable devices through material synthesis (catalyst) technology,; a "transparent battery technology", in which a battery with the transparency and flexibility is embedded in our surroundings without our being aware of its existence; and an "artificial photosynthesis technology" as a new way to store energy through the fusion of different materials (semiconductors and catalysts).