Message from Atsuko Oka, NTT EVP, Head of R&D Planning


As NTT R&D researches and develops new technologies, it also seeks to master the problems related to security, disaster prevention, and sustainable development by working with NTT operating companies and partners in various industries to solve social issues.

In pursuing a society in which people achieve sustainable development and mutually recognize diverse concepts of values, we need to realize a smart world in which there is a dramatic change in people's lives and the relationship between people and technology – a world in which everything is interconnected. To make this happen, we need to establish a communication infrastructure capable of handling a more enormous volume of information than ever before, and to enable people to benefit from it without conscious effort.

Looking forward to this vision of the future, NTT R&D is steadily and consistently working on a wide spectrum of research themes, ranging from service innovation to networks, and leading-edge technologies. If we are to create new value by making the most of our research results and collaborating with partners around the world, we need to cultivate not only the ability to master leading-edge technologies but also the ability to work with partners to combine our strengths with those of theirs. By enhancing these two abilities, we will contribute to the development of industries here at home and around the world, and of society at large.

To accelerate these endeavors, we have proposed Innovative Optical and Wireless Network (IOWN), and will create innovations with global partners. IOWN is a future communication infrastructure that makes it possible to provide ultimate safety, security, and reliability, and achieve environmentally friendly, sustained growth and diversity-tolerant, local and global optimization. It will be brought about through two types of transformation: digital to natural and electronics to photonics.

IOWN Global Forum

As it pursues IOWN, NTT R&D will resolve various social issues by emphasizing the diversity and continuity of its research themes. It will research and develop technologies that will transform the world, with a view to realizing a smart world in which everyone can benefit from technology without being aware of it.


R&D implement wide-ranging and multi-faceted research based on the ideal of creating world-leading technologies and contributing to the progress of society, economy and academic discipline. This takes in basic research through to research to realize practical implementation aimed at business expansion. This is facilitating the creation of new value through open innovation and collaboration with corporations, universities and research institutions with an emphasis on the realization of highly competitive advanced technologies.


Under the NTT R&D vision of developing cutting-edge technologies that contribute to the advancement of society, science and industry, NTT has approximately 2,300 researchers engaging in a wide range of diverse research activities, from basic research to R&D that supports the business development initiatives of operating companies. R&D is the source of the NTT Groupʼs growth potential. On that basis, the NTT Group creates competitive technologies and engages in open innovation / collaboration initiatives with a wide range of corporations, universities, and research institutions. In this way, we strive to create new value.

Our R&D covers a wide range of technical fields, from innovative communications services designed to be provided on a network, next-generation information network infrastructure technology that will make new services possible, to basic cutting-edge research producing new principles and products, such as world-class optical technologies.