NTT Basic Research Laboratories

Thin-Film Materials Research Group


2012.11.20, 26th Diamond symposium:  Best Paper Award for Young Researchers
"NO2-adsorbed H-terminated diamond FETs thermally stabilized by Al2O3 passivation"
K. Hirama, H. Sato, Y. Harada, H. Yamamoto, and M. Kasu

2012.11.16, New Post-doctral: Ryan Banal

2012.10.19, International Workshop on Nitride Semiconductors 2012:  Best Paper Award
Y. Taniyasu,J. F. Carlin,A. Castiglia,R. Butte, and N. Grandjean

2012.10.01, New Member: Koji Onomitsu

2012.04.12, "Layered boron nitride as a release layer for mechanical transfer of GaN-based devices", Y. Kobayashi, K. Kumakura, T. Akasaka, and T. Makimoto, Nature 484, 223 (2012).

2012.04.01, New Post-doctral: Lin Chiafung